Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Thomas the Tank Engine Edition

1. Cooking Utensils


Hey cooking utensils, cooking utensils, sorry we have lots of utensils but the only one I have ever tagged on my photos is the cookie cutter. And no I don’t use it for cutting out cookies, I use them for cutting holes out of bread to make “Ace in the Hole.” Or it has several other names.

20100207_4 You cut the bread and put it in a skillet and drop an egg in it and fry it in place.


Pretty darn good even if I do say so myself.

2. Stairs 


Stairs, I don’t have any pictures of stairs, none that I have tagged anyway. How about steps? Will that work for you. Here are some steps at Tulsa’s beautiful Woodward Park. I used my pinhole camera to take the photo. I love my Holga 35mm pinhole even though it is a pain in the you know what sometimes. It doesn’t have a lens. It has a very small pinhole and it has no focus. It has literally a f/70 fstop which means that everything you see is in focus but is kind of fuzzy. Fuzzy focused you could say. And you have to use a tripod because the shutter is totally manual and the exposure time is at least one second and sometimes more. (I use an Ipod App that senses the light and tells me what the exposure time is but by now I can pretty get pretty close just guessing.) Still it is fun. I happen to like this photo so don’t be hurting my feelings. I know there is lots of things wrong with it.

3. Weather


You know what is terrible? The weather apps on phones are what is terrible. I went to Turkey Mountain after work one day this past summer and even though the clouds were thick and dark my Accuweather App said that I had an hour and half before the rain started. So defying all the information that mother nature was given me that I could see with my own eyes I said I can run about five miles or so. just before the turnaround on the Yellow Trail came a downpour. You can see above there were big huge rain drops. At least it wasn’t hail.


You know, it wasn’t too bad though especially since there wasn’t any lightning. I just soaked and my shoes were caked with an inch of mud. I was careful not to wear them in the house though!!

4. New

My new Nikon D5300 that Heather got me for my birthday. I am extremely spoiled. Also my old Canon SX40HS. #Cameras #Hipstamatic

The left camera above is my new Nikon D5300. It is a really good camera but very complex. I’m finally starting to venture into the realm of Aperture and Manual modes. Lots of fun so far.

5. Part of


Hey that is Logan a long time ago. He is playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine trains and tracks. Talk about parts, there are lots of parts.


And yep, somebody else likes to play with Thomas the Tank Engine also. I wonder where all that stuff went. I might have to dig it out and see if .. well if Logan, yeah Logan wants to play with it some more.

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11 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Thomas the Tank Engine Edition

  1. Margaret Birding For Pleasure

    I love ethe way you tell the story through your photographs makes it more intresting. Now the first one, we call ” Egg in the window”. when my girls were small, they refused to eat eggsso I came up with atory adn this “Egg in the window” andthey loved it. When I had a B & B, I had it on the menu and people loved it then too. The shotwith the rian, I thoughtwas snow, glads you left your muddy boot outside!!! Boys (no matter what age) will be boys when it comes to trains. Like you new camera. Have a lovely week ahead

  2. Abrianna

    Those stairs are pretty. Nothing more fun than a new camera. I mostly shoot in Aperture or Manual mode. I hope you get to lay with Thomas the Tank soon.

  3. Al

    I like the pin-hole photo – I’ve always wanted to try one of those. Congratulations on your new D5300, that’s what I bought when my old D40X died.

  4. EG CameraGirl

    LOVE how you use the cookie cutter! I have never tried making eggs that way but I’m gonna! Congrats on the new camera. I know you’ll have tons of fun with it…because you always seem to have fun taking photos. ;))

  5. Karen W

    I have never had eggs and toast like that, though I have heard of it. Not sure why I haven’t done it yet, it sounds yummy. I have to say, I love the fuzziness of the steps picture. It is lovely. Oh, and your camera puts mine to shame. Enjoy it! One of these days I would like to be able to afford something decent.
    Just stopped by from the Scavenger Hunt. It has been a while since I was sociable. I hope to be able to stop by again this week. Have a great weekend.

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