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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – It’s All About Me!!!!

1. Me

Evilness on a Cup

Yep, this is me, kind of. I double exposed me with Starbucks new red seasonal cup that for some reason got some people stirred up because it didn’t have snowflakes and other seasonal decorations on it. I couldn’t figure it out. I mean, its a coffee cup folks. Besides that, how come people are not riled up about the logo? The logo is a siren that used to lure sailors to their death. I wrote a post on the logo a few years ago titled Starbucks, Sexy Sirens, and Queen Esther.

2. My Grocery List


I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have a grocery list. Sometimes I go with Heather to the grocery store and take actions shots of her shopping. For some reason she doesn’t like it too much. I’m just practicing for when I retire. Besides I find all sorts of items she forgot to put on her list.

3. Baking

Gingerbread Men

Pretty soon Heather and Logan will be baking their gingerbread cookies. They are quite the team. Heather bakes them and Logan eats them!! Actually Logan helps decorate them. I help out in the eating from time to time when they are not looking.

4. Kindness


Here are three of the kindest people I know. Heather, Logan, and MIL Nana. The kindness doesn’t extend to playing Farkle though. Talk about cutthroat!!

5. Change of Seasons


This is from March earlier this year. I have decided that I don’t like Colorado, Kansas, and Canada sending their snow down to Oklahoma. They need to keep it to themselves!! Are you with me?

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Full Hot Quiet Pumpkin Numbers Edition

I am back in the Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Every Sunday she gives us prompts for the following Sunday so off we go finding photographs that match the prompts or as near as we can. So off we go.

1. Numbers

#Sculpture #Art #PublicArt #FirestationArt #TulsaFireDepartment Station Number 4 #DowntownTulsa

If you look closely you can see the number 4 from this piece mounted on Tulsa Fire Station Number 4 just south of downtown Tulsa.

2. Hot

Crushing #KonaBrewing #Longboard #Lager after three hours of yard work under the hot #Oklahoma sun. #DoubleExposure #CraftBeer #Beer #DianaPhotoApp #DianaPhoto #DoubleExposure #Diana #photoApp #myEdit #like #camera #vintage #art #insta #instaphoto #nofil Nothing like a great Hawaiian beer for a break during mowing the yard this past summer. 

3. Pumpkin


On Saturday the family went to Tulsa’s Botannical Gardens. The Tulsa Glass Blowing School had almost a thousand glass pumpkins on sale. They were wonderful. I love stuff like this.

4. Quiet

#thorncrownchapel feeling God's presence #peace #eurekasprings #arkansas Nothing much more quiet than the beautiful Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

5. Full

Full Moon, (the Wolf Moon) over south Tulsa from Turkey Mountain. #fullmoon #wolfmoon #southtulsa #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok #running #nightrunning #trailrunning #cityscape

How about a blurry pic of a full moon from Turkey Mountain overlooking south Tulsa during a night time trail run last winter.  Have you ever tried running at night in the woods. It can be a lot of fun, especially when you are not falling or not falling too far behind the group.

Well, that is enough fun this week. See you next, maybe.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Thomas the Tank Engine Edition

1. Cooking Utensils


Hey cooking utensils, cooking utensils, sorry we have lots of utensils but the only one I have ever tagged on my photos is the cookie cutter. And no I don’t use it for cutting out cookies, I use them for cutting holes out of bread to make “Ace in the Hole.” Or it has several other names.

20100207_4 You cut the bread and put it in a skillet and drop an egg in it and fry it in place.


Pretty darn good even if I do say so myself.

2. Stairs 


Stairs, I don’t have any pictures of stairs, none that I have tagged anyway. How about steps? Will that work for you. Here are some steps at Tulsa’s beautiful Woodward Park. I used my pinhole camera to take the photo. I love my Holga 35mm pinhole even though it is a pain in the you know what sometimes. It doesn’t have a lens. It has a very small pinhole and it has no focus. It has literally a f/70 fstop which means that everything you see is in focus but is kind of fuzzy. Fuzzy focused you could say. And you have to use a tripod because the shutter is totally manual and the exposure time is at least one second and sometimes more. (I use an Ipod App that senses the light and tells me what the exposure time is but by now I can pretty get pretty close just guessing.) Still it is fun. I happen to like this photo so don’t be hurting my feelings. I know there is lots of things wrong with it.

3. Weather


You know what is terrible? The weather apps on phones are what is terrible. I went to Turkey Mountain after work one day this past summer and even though the clouds were thick and dark my Accuweather App said that I had an hour and half before the rain started. So defying all the information that mother nature was given me that I could see with my own eyes I said I can run about five miles or so. just before the turnaround on the Yellow Trail came a downpour. You can see above there were big huge rain drops. At least it wasn’t hail.


You know, it wasn’t too bad though especially since there wasn’t any lightning. I just soaked and my shoes were caked with an inch of mud. I was careful not to wear them in the house though!!

4. New

My new Nikon D5300 that Heather got me for my birthday. I am extremely spoiled. Also my old Canon SX40HS. #Cameras #Hipstamatic

The left camera above is my new Nikon D5300. It is a really good camera but very complex. I’m finally starting to venture into the realm of Aperture and Manual modes. Lots of fun so far.

5. Part of


Hey that is Logan a long time ago. He is playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine trains and tracks. Talk about parts, there are lots of parts.


And yep, somebody else likes to play with Thomas the Tank Engine also. I wonder where all that stuff went. I might have to dig it out and see if .. well if Logan, yeah Logan wants to play with it some more.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Alone Edition

1. A Pile

Smoke Stack BBQ

A pile, a pile,… I have no pics of piles (that I’m willing to share anyway). Wait, a stack is kind of like a pile. How about Smoke Stack Barbecue!!! Whatever that is.

2. Starts with A


How about Arabian Horses?? My sister and niece Jillian have come down the last two years to Tulsa and we have gone to the Arabian Horse Show. They can’t make it this year but I just might go myself. The horses are beautiful and magnificent and the show is quite an event.

3. Remember


When I was a kid we lived for a while in Payson, Arizona. We went back some time ago for the first time in over 40 years and it was great remembering. My Dad was the Forest Ranger for the Payson Diistrict of the Tonto National Forest. That is my Dad and brother. The building is my Dad’s old office and is now part of a museum as is the former Assistant Ranger’s residence. Kind of strange walking into a house that you remember very well and seeing it as a museum.  It was all good. Except that my first grade teacher who used to beat the crap out of six year olds has a school named after her and is revered as a saint. I don’t get that. I got slapped out of my seat more than once by her.

4. Strength

Muskogee Creek Nation 5K

I participated in a 5K a while ago sponsored by the Creek Nation. It was part of a program to increase the health of tribal members. I’m not a member but they let me sign up.

5. Solo


Yep, here I be, all by myself

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Posed Edition

Another edition of Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday where she provides prompts and we provide the pics.

1. Supplies


This is from a camp out last year on Turkey Mountain during an event called Base Camp. Which is the only night one can legally go camping on Turkey Mountain all year. I have a pretty nice setup from my Cub Scout Assistant Den Leader Days. I have a nice roomy tent, a cot and even a night stand. And of course a decent cooler. Out Cub Scouts now I generally have different things to drink that what I brought back then. This is my post from last year’s event. I don’t know if I’m going to make it this year. Son is a senior and we have all sorts of things going on with him.

2. Shadows


These shadows are from a bridge at Powell Gardens near Kansas City.

3. Something I want


Heather and Logan are all that I want and I already have them. I am notoriously difficult to buy presents for because I don’t really want for anything. And no, that is not our donkey. I want pictures of donkeys but don’t give me the real thing.

4. Open DSCN0553

The past several weeks all the schools have been opening their doors for school. One thing I love about facebook is all the parents posting first day of school pics of their kids.

5. Posed


Saturday, Logan and I hiked five miles on Turkey Mountain. We both got a little parched and tired because it was hot and humid but took time to take a few pics. I thought this tree made a nice prop for a photo.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Natural Light Edition

1. What I’m Doing Today


I helped son with his Drama Class project to build a model theater today. So we got the seating, stage, left wing, right wing, fly space, sound booth, lighting booth, apron, orchestra pit, lobby, and the final bit is the ticket booth. Then we are going to have to pretty it up a little bit.

2. Inside


It has been hot lately and Logan has done his riding classes inside the arena. Around and around he goes.

3. Candid


Logan and I go walking around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park. It has a three mile loop and sometimes when we find a shade we rest.

4. Yum


Saturday evening we went downtown and ate some barbecue and then walked to the Tulsa Drillers game. I had the smoked chicken dinner, fried okra, baked beans, and a Marshall Brewery’s “This Machine” IPA. Yes it was yum.

5. Natural Light


From a family walk last week in the waning hours of the day.

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Scavenger Hunt Sundays – Rule of Thirds Edition

Ashley Sisk of Rambling and Photos provides five prompts every week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This week’s prompts and my interpretation are as follows:

1. Silly

Smiling #vw #bug

I love the sense of humor that went into this decoration of a VW I found downtown.

2. Spin


I found this lady spinning wool at a local craft show. I asked if I could take a photo of her and she said to have at it. Spinning is quite an interesting process.

3. Four


Four, four, whatever can I find for four. I know!!!! How about Four oil tanks at this well in located in the Colony Wash field in western Oklahoma.

4. Guilty Pleasure

#Geocaching in woods in the gap between the east and westbound lanes of the Broken Arrow Expressway in midtown #Tulsa this afternoon. Not one person in a thousand in Tulsa even knows about them. Great way to celebrate the #InternationalDayofGeocaching tod

My guilty pleasure is Geocaching. A sort of high tech treasure hunt where people hide “Caches” out in world and post the coordinates on the internet. And then other people go find them using their GPS receivers. I have been doing for over ten years and have all sorts of fun. There is a cache hidden between the two small trees above. The trees are located in the median of a freeway here in Tulsa. Geocaches are everywhere. I have found about 1300 of them, most of them in the Tulsa area. Check the link to find out more about it.

5. Rule of Thirds


I took this photo of the sun setting down the street in front of the house. I tried to put the little dot of sun poking through the trees in the upper and left 1/3 of the photograph.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – On my Soap Box Edition

1. Starts with S


The Snake River goes over some falls in the town of Idaho Falls, Idaho where my father lives.

2. Leading Lines


I am not sure what “Leading Lines” pertains to but here is some lines created by shadows on the pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River here in Tulsa.

3. Powerful

#powerplant #electricity #generation #industry #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok PSO's Tulsa Power Station #arkansasriver

This is Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s Tulsa Power Station on the banks of the Arkansas River. It used to be powerful and is now used, I think, as standby power in case that one  of the newer, bigger power plants goes off-line for some reason.

4. Frozen

panorma of ice compressor station

I have to admit that I didn’t take this photo myself.

This is a big compressor station, about 20,000 horsepower,  in western Oklahoma compressing raw wellhead natural gas from the Cana Woodford Shale formation for use in fueling electric generation plants, industry, and home heating from Oklahoma to the upper midwest.  If it all went for residential use this one compressor station moves enough gas to meet the needs of 467,000 households. Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas is not done for the fun of it. It produces a useful product. You know how to stop fracking? Turn your lights off, your heat off, and your hot water heater, and don’t drive or fly anywhere and don’t buy anything that has plastic in it. If everybody does that, oil and natural gas producers won’t fracture wells any longer. I’ll get off my soap box with the final statement that I fully support regulatory requirements necessary to ensure water and air quality and protect wildlife and prevent earthquakes.

5. Daily Task

Bella Taking a Nap

Meet Bella, Bella is a little sweetheart and she takes her daily naps very seriously.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – to Spots and Beyond

1. Dots



These are fawns at the Wildlife Resource Center in Antlers, Oklahoma. Heather’s father Charles, who is no longer with us, was the driving force behind establishing the center. He loved this deer.

2. Bokeh



Does accidental Bokeh count, this is from a family hike where i was trying to get a family photo and the camera decided it wanted to focus on the bark of a tree instead. I tell you what, these new fangled cameras are smarter than I am. Not that that is saying much.

3. A Game



This is from several years ago when my youngest niece Jillian graduated from college. Her parents held a party and they had games. It was fun!!! Check out this post from way back when to see what happened.

4. Repetitive



I tell what is repetitive is running. I don’t mean that in a bad sort of way. Sometimes when I’m running I marvel that my legs just keep on running without any input from me.

5. My Everyday

It is a #coffee day for me today #reading #football #hibernating #happynewyear #doubleexposure #dianaapp

Coffee!!! Now that is an everyday thing with me!

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Summer Fun Edition

1. Summer Fun

DSCN3927Here I am on a beach on Kauai. I have never seen so many beaches as what Hawaii has. How come they have so many and Oklahoma has so few? It isn’t fair is what I say.

2. Sleepy #good_night everybody #sleeping #dogsThis is our Maltese ShiTzu mix, Abby. She likes a pillow. It is funny how dogs are different. 3. A sign _DSC0777 Here is Heather giving me the hang loose sign. I can’t make the sign. I guess that means I can’t hang loose. I get pretty close though.4. Starts with B

_DSC0268How about “Baby Donkey?” This is Roscoe, if you are observant you can tell he is a boy. I love his hairdo.

5. My Weekend DSCN4207

Hey you know, my favorite weekends are hanging out with these two.

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