Apollo Moon Mission Photographs now on Flickr (13,911 of them)

Saturday night I was writing a blog post and checking email from other bloggers and saw an email from National Geographic. I clicked on it and it was a news digest that talked about this that and the other and then I saw something that got my attention. An amateur photographer had talked NASA into giving him a bunch of DVD’s of scans of photographs taken during the Apollo Moon missions a long time ago. What!!!! Anyway the guy, Kipp Teague, along with his friend Eric Jones uploaded 13,000 images from the space program up to Flickr where they sit free for anybody to use for whatever they want (within reason). There are not copyrighted (after all, the US Citizens among us have already paid for them.) They are spectacular.

Time was, Space had a thrill, going to the moon was a spectacular vision.

AS07-4-1600 Even now, I can’t believe we did it. Talk about an achievement. AS08-13-2244 The follow on was kind of boring. The Space Shuttle to me was basically an expensive, hazardous, semitruck. Hauling up groceries and taking back garbage from the International Space Station. AS11-40-5868 Apollo,Mercury, Gemini, those were adventures.¬† AS12-49-7278 These pictures bring it back. Most of them are kind of boring. The link I gave you will take you to instructions on how to go right to the good ones. ¬†These were mainly Hasselbad film cameras but also lots of other types.AS17-134-20386

I still can’t believe that we walked on the moon. Can you? I can’t believe that all these photos exist.

Go check it out.

6 thoughts on “Apollo Moon Mission Photographs now on Flickr (13,911 of them)

  1. DeniseinVA

    That whole incredible event does seem unreal. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. I have always wondered why there was never another trip but I guess the next destination is Mars.

  2. Driller's Place

    Who knew that you could just ask a government agency for a bunch of incredibly cool photos and they would say, “Shure, here ya go.” What a priceless set of images that can now be viewed by the world.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Well, yes, I do believe!!! (Although it was once my displeasure to converse with a man who sincerely believed that the whole thing was just an hoax). So I believe — and I remember watching the landing way back then. So amazing. It is just hard to imagine how we figured it all out. And hard to imagine how anyone was brave enough to volunteer at first.

    These pictures are wonderful; thank you for letting us know about this and for sharing them.

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