Turkey N Taturs 2015 – Taking Care of the Grill


Sunday Morning was the annual running of the Turkey N TATURS 10K-25K-50K trail race on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain. I have run the 10K segment a couple times in previous years but not this year because I am still rehabbing my knee. I wanted to participate somehow so I volunteered to man the grill cooking burgers and hot dogs.


The grill was right by the finish line literally about ten feet off the trail so I had a great view of the goings on. The race was put on by TATUR, “Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners.”  They specialize in putting on fun races of all sorts. They also make it fun to volunteer for them. They not only put on races, they build community.


Their were some people flying off the mountain in great times. I never get to see them except at the beginning of the race. Usually by the time I get to the end, the leaders have finished, downed a hamburger or two and a couple of beers, talked with their friends and get in the care and are gone.


This guy finished the 50K. That is over 30 miles folks. Amazing stuff.


I’ll never win one of these awards but I can sure take pics of them.


Did somebody say Ginger Snaps. I can’t keep them around the house. Once the box is opened, the cookies are gone. Best not to have them around.

I love the low key supportive atmosphere of the event. Here is an 11 second video of a typical finish. No crowding and pushing. Just encouragement at the end.

I had a great time. If you run, or walk, really, try a local trail race sometime. You’ll like it.

8 thoughts on “Turkey N Taturs 2015 – Taking Care of the Grill

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, a fun time indeed!! You do know how to have fun regardless of what you do and that is a blessing not too many people have these days!! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!! Hope you have a great new week!!

  2. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    Hope you can join in the race next year, Yogi, as I know how much you like it. We have a 5 K “Turkey Trot_ race in our neighborhood, but I’m only a spectator, cheering them on, and making a donation that goes to charity.

  3. Ellen

    Love the finish! It looks like a great trail and once again, Tulsa is the leader for food at the end of a run. I’ve never been at a run where they had hamburgers and hot dogs. I can see by your fit bit steps that your knee must be getting better.

  4. Driller's Place

    I glad you found a way to participate, even if running was not possible this year. My knees would never let me run a course like this, so you would always find me manning the grill.

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