A Mule Named Jed


This is an update on son SuperPizzaBoy’s therapeutic riding program, “Bit by Bit” at Roger’s State University here in Oklahoma. He is still participating and doing very well and loves it even though he and his Mom have to drive 25 miles to the program after school on Monday evenings.

Recently they have switched him over to a mule named Jed. Jed is over 20 years old but still looks great. (To my unknowledgable eye at least.) Jed seems like a very calm and collected mule. SPB’s instructor says he is doing better than ever. We are big fans of Bit by Bit.

Bit by Bit has very few paid staff. The outrider’s ensuring the safety of the rider and the people taking care of the horses and the stable are all volunteers. We appreciate them very much.


We the clients of Bit by Bit are big fans. They do a lot with not very much.


Son is gaining more and more confidence with every session. He is going to participate in a Pinto Show and an Appaloosa show at the Tulsa Fairgrounds later this year.


There is no way that he could do this without Bit by Bit.

SPB has a form of Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. Hippotherapy helps with his body awareness in several different ways.

I’m sure that there are similar programs near where you live.

Give them a little love if you are so moved and able.

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18 thoughts on “A Mule Named Jed

  1. DrillerAA09

    What a great program. There is a similar program here in NW Arkansas where a friend of ours is a volunteer. As always, she receives far more joy from the kids than the effort she gives.

  2. Lois

    That is amazing! How wonderful to have such a program. Jed looks like he is very gentle and enjoys his work too!

  3. Sylvia K

    What a terrific program! SPB looks as though he is enjoying every minute and that’s the very best of all! Thanks for sharing this with us and I love your photos and Jed looks like the perfect ride!! Hope you and Sweetie and SPB have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  4. GW Bill Miller

    Thinking back to our frisbee golf session SPB seems much more attentive and focused which is probably what you hope for. What ever works is a good plan. Go SPB go. Looks like fun to me.

  5. EG Wow

    Bit by Bit sounds like a super program and I’m glad it’s giving SuperPizzaBoy confidence. I bet he’s happy with his progress too.

  6. Ellen

    Mules are way smarter than horses. SPB’s posture looks great. Let me know when the shows are and we might come watch.

  7. Martha Z

    One of the travelers on the “Road Scholar” program we were recently on was a volunteer at such a program. She was very enthusiastic about the program and her clients.

  8. Barb

    I’m so glad that SPB still participates in this riding program. I have a friend who volunteered for years at a similar program in CO. (Now she raises therapy dogs.) SPB looks like he’s really concentrating!

  9. Pagan Sphinx

    I didn’t know your boy has Asperer’s. I work with several children on the spectrum. They are a delight. There is one boy, who is diagnosed as “high functioning autism” who so could use a calm dog to spend time with. His parents love him dearly but they don’t have the sense that you and your wife have to put him into a good program like this riding one your little guy participates in. Your wife is an amazing mom! And you, doubtless, an amazing dad! Good for you guys!

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