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Camera Critters – Sally

SuperPizzaBoy is turning into quite the rider. Here he is with Sally.

Therapeutic Riding Update

He is riding weekly at All Star Therapy in Ramona and they have him riding independently more and more. He is going from being a passenger on the horse to actively controlling and working with the animal. Sally, the name of the horse, takes a lot of working with. She gets irritated by the other horses and likes to bite them so SPB has to take charge and prevent her from doing that. 

It is really fun watching him ride these days.

Camera Critters

ABC Wednesday – “H” is for …..



Our son, SuperPizzaBoy, participates in Hippotherapy at Rogers State University’s Bit by  Bit Therapeutic Riding Program.

Hippotherapy 2

Under a carefully controlled and safe environment SPB and his fellow students go through a series of exercises while on horseback. SPB loves it.

Hippotherapy 3

Of course, you more knowledgeable readers spotted that SPB is actually riding a mule. Meet Jed, SPB’s mule. The program requires many volunteers to be lead the animal and be outriders for the participants. Other volunteers help take care of the animals and keep their stalls clean. We are appreciative for all these volunteers. The program wouldn’t be possible without them.

ABC Wednesday

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Challenged Rider Lead Line Event at the Pinto World Championships

The 2011 Pinto World Championships are being held in Tulsa this year. It consists of over 450  events and has over 7000 entries. It is really a big deal for the Tulsa economy.

(Do you think this kid is an Okie?)

This year SuperPizzaBoy participated in the event called “Challenged Rider Lead Line” at the show. It is for riders who have special needs and participate in a Therapeutic Riding program. SPB has been riding with the Bit by Bit program based out of Rogers State University.

We were very proud and appreciative that SPB was selected to be one of the riders. We were there with our video camera.

The riders rode into the arena one by one. Each horse is led and in addition there are two sidewalkers. There is a big emphasis on safety. The lead and sidewalkers are all volunteers. They are very dedicated. They have to be as during a 30 minute therapy session they get a pretty good workout going around and around the arena with the riders.

We got a big thrill when SPB came around to our side of the arena.

We had moved from where we were sitting and you can tell that he was looking for us. When he saw Sweetie he broke into a huge grin.

The finished their circuit and lined up. The judges went from rider to rider chatting them up a little bit. The announcer gave a little bio for each rider.

The judges talked to every one of the 15 or 16 riders and then conferred.


Everybody was trying to figure out what they were conferring about.

Pinto Horse Show Contestants

They decided to award all the riders a World Championship Belt Buckle.


The horses that the kids rode and the belt buckles were provided by Ford Farms of Whitesboro, Texas.


The judges and one of the owners went to each of the riders and gave them their belt buckles.


And then the riders left out of the arena.

Many thanks to the staff and volunteers of Bit by Bit, the Pinto Horse Association of America, Ford Farms, and the Judges. We are very grateful for the experience they provided our son and the other kids who participated. We appreciate you very much.


A Mule Named Jed


This is an update on son SuperPizzaBoy’s therapeutic riding program, “Bit by Bit” at Roger’s State University here in Oklahoma. He is still participating and doing very well and loves it even though he and his Mom have to drive 25 miles to the program after school on Monday evenings.

Recently they have switched him over to a mule named Jed. Jed is over 20 years old but still looks great. (To my unknowledgable eye at least.) Jed seems like a very calm and collected mule. SPB’s instructor says he is doing better than ever. We are big fans of Bit by Bit.

Bit by Bit has very few paid staff. The outrider’s ensuring the safety of the rider and the people taking care of the horses and the stable are all volunteers. We appreciate them very much.


We the clients of Bit by Bit are big fans. They do a lot with not very much.


Son is gaining more and more confidence with every session. He is going to participate in a Pinto Show and an Appaloosa show at the Tulsa Fairgrounds later this year.


There is no way that he could do this without Bit by Bit.

SPB has a form of Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. Hippotherapy helps with his body awareness in several different ways.

I’m sure that there are similar programs near where you live.

Give them a little love if you are so moved and able.

Camera Critters

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