Christmas – 1959 or so


I like old Christmas pictures from years ago. This is my Dad’s family in Del Rapids, South Dakota in the late 1950’s. I’m the the kid looking back. I’m sitting on my grandmother’s lap. The lady in blue to the far left is my great grandmother. My brother, Bob, is in the red shirt on the floor.

I love the tree with all the tinsel. My Dad was a forest ranger in New Mexico. He got a permit and cut the tree on the Santa Fe National Forest and hauled it all the way to South Dakota on top of our station wagon.

The house was my Great Grandparent’s house. It is still in the family.

I like this photo because it is like a look back into history and I was a small part of it.

Do you have any old Christmas photos that you treasure?

5 thoughts on “Christmas – 1959 or so

  1. Driller's Place

    Great family photo. I remember having to help mom put the tinsel on the tree. She was very frugal, so we also took it off and used it again the following year. What a pain.
    I clicked on the like to read about the house. What a great history and a truly beautiful example of the Queen Anne style.

  2. sylviakirk

    Ah, a great family photo it is indeed!! Those were good times!! Thanks for sharing! I hope you’re holiday is going well!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Ellen

    I love that photo, but where is dad and why is our grandmother wearing a sleeveless dress in the middle of winter in South Dakota? The tree is awesome.

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