Springtime Tulips at Tulsa Botanic Garden


I have been incognito lately on the good ole interwebs and I am sorry about that. I hadn’t return visited any commenters or checked on my friends or any of that good stuff.


Our internet service went on the blink for a few days. I finally got it going again Sunday. It took lots of magical incantations from our tech lady and muttering and such for about an hour but by gum she got it fixed.


Plus Logan is fixing to graduate and has a lot going on plus we are doing a little house updating. I wish magical incantations would update the house. So far it is taking cash, the cold hard kind.


So anyway, I don’t know if anybody missed me or not but I’m back for now.


Plus Logan has a small role in a musical that his school is doing. They are doing Footloose and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Of course I’m also signed up to hush the kids back stage one night and I get to usher the adults one night, and tell them to hush also.


And so anyway I did a get a few hours free Saturday to go to the Tulsa Botanic Garden and take some pictures of their tulips. They were all over the place. I know all the technical names for the tulips. For example the those above are yellow tulips and down below we have purple and red tulips. Pretty impressive huh?


They are beautiful and just kind of speak for themselves I think.


There were not that many people there. The garden is located out in the middle of nowhere way out of town and they are new but they are growing and filling in and it will get more and more popular.


It is a must see for those who live in or visit Tulsa. Check their website for directions and hours.

9 thoughts on “Springtime Tulips at Tulsa Botanic Garden

  1. Amy

    So pretty and such vibrant colours, I have some in plant pots here that are due to flower in late winter 🙂

  2. Driller's Place

    It’s never a good thing when Tech Support is required…never.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many tulips in one place. Great photos. Tells the folks to hurry, because tulips have a pretty short blooming season. Here today, gone tomorrow.

  3. Barb

    Wow – you have lots of tulips blooming at the Garden already! We’re having a blizzard in Breck, so I’m not even expecting to see ground until June. Exciting to have a graduate this year, Alan! Hope your remodel goes as planned and scheduled.

  4. Christina

    The tulips are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, because I didn’t know about the Tulsa Botanic Garden. ?? I must plan to visit! Best wishes to Logan!

  5. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Oh my goodness if I had a magic carpet I’d drop in on that beautiful garden forthwith! I love tulips and never see them any more (they don’t grow in this part of Florida and will be gone by the time we get back to Oregon). Boo hoo (but no winter, no spring, only fair).

    I’m always in awe that you have time to be as good a Netizen/blog friend as you are, what with being a dad and working and all that. You would have plenty of excuses not to be as supportive as you are — even without losing your internet connection. Glad your tech was able to fix it … it really is like losing an arm or something when it doesn’t work.

    Thanks for all and especially today for my spring flower fix. They’re wonderful.

  6. Ellen

    Amazing tulips! It’s still winter here–no sign of any flowers yet. And I missed your posts. Don’t do that to us anymore!

  7. Gaelyn

    I, like Sallie, often wonder how you find the time to blog and comment. Although I’m glad you do. Life gets busy sometimes, summer especially. So exciting that Logan is graduating this year. The flowers are superb.

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