Labyrinths, etc


I was out and about and decided to go find a geocache at a local church. Right close to the cache was a Labyrinth and some instructions on how to use it. A labyrinth is not like a maze in that there are no choices to make or puzzles to solve. You follow the maze to the middle and then go back the way you came. It is presented as an aid to prayer. I’m okay with that. I googled Christianity and Labyrinths and boy talk about controversy. 


In New Orleans I went briefly into the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, King of France. It is quite the building and the sanctuary is spectacular.


Geocaching in north Tulsa I come across another church. Lots more humble but they are trying just as hard, if not harder.

I am fascinated by the creativeness of people and the differences between people and how in spite of the differences their are so many things that bind us together.

9 thoughts on “Labyrinths, etc

  1. Janie

    St. Louis Cathedral is beautiful. I have been there many times. I didn’t know labyrinths and churches had an issue. I’ll have to google it.

  2. Barb

    I very much like your sentiments in the last sentence, Yogi. You sum it up for me, too. I had no idea that labyrinths are controversial – though what isn’t with some people.

  3. Ellen

    One of the things I loved most about living in Europe was the churches. They were always so ornate and filled with gold–something you rarely see here. I think I need to take a trip to New Orleans. I’ve enjoyed your pictures with all the different architecture.

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Controversy? That surprises me — I’ll have to go google that myself. The hospital (Catholic) in our hometown (in Oregon) has one on their grounds and there are guided walks there sometimes. (Or of course you can walk it any time by yourself.)

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