Post Oak Lodge Trail Challenge 10K


Saturday morning I got up early and traveled up to the Post Oak Lodge in the Osage hills northwest of Tulsa to run the 10k segment of the Post Oak Lodge Trail Challenge. Usually there are some pretty good vistas to be had but Saturday it was overcast and misty.


They had something for everybody. The ASPCA was out there for a 1.3 mile “dog jog.”


The 10kers assembled in a field and off we went.


We ran through fields and woods and hopped across small streams.


This being Oklahoma we ran by oil wells and tank batteries.


I met running, geocaching, and blogging friend Trail Zombie at one of the aid stations.


In addition to being one of the nicest guys a person could know he is an ultra runner. He runs, and finishes races that upwards of 100 miles or more. Oh, and word of warning. If you are thinking about dumping trash on or vandalizing any areas where he runs, his smile quickly turns into a frown. Saturday, he provided me with a an adult malted sports beverage to revive myself.


You see I had just run to the top of Holmes Peak and needed a little reviving (all of you mountain state people please hold your snorts of derision. That hill kicked my butt.)


After finishing my sports beverage I headed on. Maybe the sports beverage wasn’t that great an idea. About a half mile later I tripped on a rock and took my first trail run spill. It came as a great surprise and knocked the air out of me. Unfortunately I didn’t even get any scrapes or bruises (except to my ego) to elicit any sympathy out of anybody.

So I finished and got my participant medal.


You can tell from all the mud on me that I had a great time.


The thing about running trail racing is that they give me energy. Here I am, the life of the party, at a gathering of family and friends that evening.


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19 thoughts on “Post Oak Lodge Trail Challenge 10K

  1. Sylvia K

    Hey! You did indeed do something terrific to earn that nap!! I don’t earn any of mine — guess it’s a good thing I don’t take them often!! I think it’s wonderful that you run and it’s a great gift to your family as well — keeps you kicking and healthy! Enjoy the day — maybe even another little nap!!


  2. Martha Z

    It doesn’t take much of a hill to challange a runner. As for me, I think it looks like a great place for a walk but I gave up running long ago.

  3. Alyssa

    That’s awesome! I dream of running a 10K on a flat, paved surface…the fact that you did it on a trail, up and down hills…impressive!!! Good job!! Nap well deserved!

  4. ladyfi

    Your last shot cracked me up. Looks like a great day. And the misty scenery is very autumnal, but I guess that means spring is on its way if winter is already disappearing…

  5. Arija

    A great post but next time get someone to give you a foot massage or reflexology and you will almost instantly be rejuvenated. I speak from experience. You will really be the life of the party.

  6. Leedslass

    That last shot sums up your day.
    Sorry you didn’t get a small scrape or bruise to show off to those who didn’t see your “terrible, but I’m fine, please don’t fuss about me” tumble.

  7. Barb

    What a great trail, and you had the mud to prove it! Yogi, I think you should stick to Gatorade – obviously the adult drink is too strong a brew for you and has you weaving and falling. (Plus, it seems to make you very sleepy.)

  8. Dawn

    OH, no! LOL! I know I should laugh, but I am. It reminds me of when Brett was riding with the guy on the trails along the river and turned to look at someone and rode right into a fence. He wrecked it so well that he was stuck on the bike and they had to help peel him out. LOL!

    Thanks for the chuckle this evening. I needed it.

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