Driving Lessons, Tourists, and a Rant


The kid is starting formal driving lessons next week. He has never been behind the wheel before so we went to our local community college parking lot and he sat in the driver’s seat and we went through all the controls and knobs and all that. Then he started the car, put it in drive and we idled through a few loops. I had forgotten how hard the steering thing was to learn, going into and out of a turn. He did great! The best thing was that he had a million questions. I like it when I’m teaching somebody something and they ask questions. It shows me that they have the want to’s. You can’t give people the want to’s I have found out.


So what do you think? Would this be a good first car for Logan?


In other news, Heather had a weak moment and let me go grocery shopping for her. I like taking action shots of her. She is always on the move so basically that is all that I have, is action shots. She is not much of sitter.


Well, I’d been whining about not being able to go to the pool and we went over to Nana’s house and hung out. She has a very nice and inviting pool and back yard. It was getting late afternoon and and I loved the light.


Saturday morning I went on a run on the Arkansas River close to the Creek Tribe Casino. They are building a big huge Margaritaville hotel, bar, and restaurant. They are putting part of it in the river.  We have lots of tribal casinos here in Oklahoma. My gambling budget the last several years has been, let me see, approximately zero.  If I want to flush money down the toilet I can do that at home.


On Friday there were several tour groups downtown. Tulsa is getting more and more recognition for the art deco architecture. Plus there has been an explosion of new hotels, restaurants, and night clubs the last several years and there are lots and lots of housing options. I think that is all a good thing. We just got through electing a new hipster, progressive mayor. He did a great job as a city counselor. I’m hopeful that Tulsa and Oklahoma will start backing out of the economic dead end and false promises of the tea baggers who have pretty much destroyed our education system in their quest to make Oklahoma “A shining beacon of liberty” as my idiot state senator puts it. (Unfortunately, he got re-elected).

Anyways, that is that, sorry for the rant.

What is new with you?

6 thoughts on “Driving Lessons, Tourists, and a Rant

  1. Barb

    Alan, don’t wish for too much tourism for Tulsa. Our small town is bursting at the seams with tourists. When too many people visit, the quality of life for those who live in a place diminishes. I’ve found visiors as a whole are not good stewards of the land. I’ve begun to carry a trash bag when I walk the back trails, picking up other peoples litter. Logan driving! Be patient!

  2. DrillerAA

    My first car was a ’54 Buick Century 2-door. My dad figured that if I hit any thing smaller than a locomotive, everything would be okay. And yes, not only can you not give anyone the “want to’s”, you can fix their want to if it gets broken. I remember telling a few younger people, over the years, “You can be anything you want to be, your only problem is that your “want to” is broken. You just don’t want to bad enough. Some times it worked and sometimes it didn’t.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Good for Logan. A big step! And hopeful news for Oklahoma for the most part. I pray that people come to their senses and think before they vote in November. ( Here, in blue state Oregon, the problem seems to be Sanders people who say they are going to not vote at all ..l that is so not good.)

  4. Gaelyn

    Wow, Logan driving. Seems like only yesterday I saw him as a young boy and now he’s a young man. I believe you’ve taught him well about being responsible and inquisitive. Have to agree with Barb about tourism.

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