That Time of Year


We fell back yesterday, which is fine for a Sunday. Today was a long day at work and when I left it was dark and rainy. It makes me want to hibernate until Spring. So now I will go to work in the dark and leave.

I’ll have to go back to running in the dark for my Wednesday night runs.


And I doubt that I’ll go run the night trail runs on Turkey Mountain any longer. I feel too much. When I fell i didn’t just stumble and fall I mean I pancaked. I probably set off seisometers.


Speaking of seisometers. We had an earthquake here in Oklahoma. It was very near Cushing which is a big oil hub in North America. It is where the international benchmark “West Texas Intermediate” is set. ┬áNot a good place for an earthquake.


Many people in Oklahoma, whether in the industry or not, are not happy with our Governor, (who once called earthquakes “Freedom Shakes”) and her merry band of idiots.

Oh well,


3 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. Hootin' Anni

    I know just what you mean about this lousy time change!!! Even after we retired we’d follow the government and reset our clocks. Well, about 5 years ago, we decided…”We don’t need to do that any more”…So, we live the way the sun intends our days/nights to be. And we don’t regret it. Luckily no schedules to follow….only thing is the Drs. appointments….I just mark it on my calendar what OUR clocks say. It works.

    Beautiful weather shots. and city lights.

  2. Driller's Place

    We actually felt the earthquake here in NW Arkansas.
    Yep, I never really enjoyed going to and coming home from work in the dark. However, it did give me multiple opportunities to photograph sunrises and sunsets, which is something I don’t do much anymore. Run safe, stay safe this winter. Have a blessed week Yogi.

  3. Gaelyn

    So glad AZ doesn’t mess with the clock. Much easier on my biological clock. Be careful out there running in the dark. Even curbs can bite. Plus, if the earth is shaking…

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