Our World Tuesday – Clear Sailing

Orange Beach Sailboat

Sailboat chilling on Wolf Bay, Alabama

Well we did Christmas. I love Christmas and we had a nice quiet one at the house with our small family including my Mother-in-Law. We exchanged gifts and cards and had a nice meal and texted/facebook messaged our other family in Idaho, Colorado, and western Oklahoma.

Now I am ready to be done with it. Sure, leave the lights and tree up for a few days but it is time to go outside for a little while and get the head screwed on straight. I’m taking a week off and although we have errands and stuff to do I plan to get a few runs and hikes in and take a bunch of photos.

How about you? You done with Christmas also? (I know, I know, it is technically still Christmas while I post this but I am about to come out of my skin.)

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10 thoughts on “Our World Tuesday – Clear Sailing

  1. Amy

    hope youv’e all had a lovely Christmas. We were up north visiting my family, it was strangely a bit nippy so we didn’t get to visit the beach, but now we’re back home and it’s very hot.

  2. Valerie, Australia

    A very tranquil scene Alan – hope you find what you’re looking for while having a break. All the best for 2017.
    With no immediate family still living, I very much enjoyed a happy and loving time with extended family creating special memories for life’s tomorrows.

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