A Runners Wife Finally Figures it Out


Who is this woman waiting patiently, all by herself?


Waiting by the this long trail.


Not him!


Nope, not this guy either!


Hah!! This must be him. He is looking good but not making much progress.


She is finding out that running is a lousy spectator sport. Notice the glazed over look in the eyes. And I bet that baby is getting kind of heavy.

Does your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever come out to watch you run any more?

Yeah, mine neither, I don’t blame her. she used to!! And then she wised up.

7 thoughts on “A Runners Wife Finally Figures it Out

  1. Driller's Place

    Most distance sports require a dedicated fan. When you only get to see a couple of hundred yards of a race, even when multiple laps are involved, the fan really has to know and enjoy the sport. The participant gets to see every aspect of the event, but the spectator may miss a critical portion of the race because it happened a mile away. I admire your dedication to something that you love. Keep on truckin’.

  2. Amy

    I don’t run, I’m a bit unfit so I go walking instead, sometimes I go by myself, sometimes we both go.

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