Family Life – The Kid is Mowing and Driving

Logan is growing up every day. Last year he graduated from high school, this year he finished his first year in college.

He has been mowing the yard for a few years now. He is getting better at it. He has figured out that it is not much fun. He hasn’t figured out that when you are mowing, nobody is messing with you. He is doing pretty good but left unattended he wants to go creative on his mowing pattern which would be okay if he got all the grass mowed. So he has some “mowhawks” I have to clean up. That’s okay by me. Making progress is the thing.

He got his Driving Learners Permit late last week. Sunday afternoon, after mowing and getting cleaned up we went to a local parking lot so he could drive around it very slooooowwwwly. This is going to work best if we go at his pace and so I imagine we will be doing parking lots turns for a while until he is ready to get on the road. We also regular driving lessons set for the near future. I think he is ready to learn how to drive.

Life is moving from one milestone to another and we are getting there.

10 thoughts on “Family Life – The Kid is Mowing and Driving

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Patience pays off. I wish I’d had more of it as a parent. Those milestones are bittersweet…. we can’t wait for them, and then it brings us up short when we realize how time marches on.

  2. Driller's Place

    Actually, mowing in a different pattern each time is supposed to be good for the lawn. It prevents compacting of the soil by the footsteps of the person doing the mowing. I learned to drive at the fairgrounds. Too many things going on there to use it for drivers ed these days. Patience is the key to any learning experience. Logan will be just fine. He’s going to make you proud again.

  3. Barb

    He was a little boy when I first got to know Super Pizza Boy on your blog. Now he’s a young man. I think all your readers are proud of his accomplishments.

  4. Pat

    Logan did a good job driving for the first time and you were very patient and calm as his instructor Yogi. The first time my Dad took me out driving was the last time–I made him too nervous–lol. I took driving classes later on after I was married. Being a New Yorker I did not drive often as we mostly took the subway or buses.

  5. Gaelyn

    Like Barb, I’ve watched Logan grow into a young man. I like the idea of patterns in the yard. You and Heather are obviously great parents because Logan is a marvelous young man. As a parent, I know how scary it can be teaching kids to drive. You’ll both survive.

  6. nancy chan

    Logan will grow up to be a fine young man when guided by such patient and understanding parents. Let him enjoy his creativity as long as the lawn is mowed. I first learned to drive on a vast Stadium ground where there is ample space for me to get used to the car. I am glad I had a very patient instructor. Ha ha at least he didn’t showed his impatience to me.

  7. ladyfi

    Well done Logan! (And I think that mowing different patterns is very creative.) We pay the kids to mow the lawn and how much they get depends on how well they have cut the grass…

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