Firecracker 5K on the 4th in Downtown Tulsa


Well its the Fourth of July and I ran in the annual Firecracker 5K put on by Fleet Feet Tulsa.


I am not sure how many people ran but it is a pretty big race. Despite the early morning rains there were lots of people there.


The Hurts Donuts Emergency Truck was there. I didn’t see them handing out free samples and you know I watch the food closely. Just before the race start while we were bunched up it started raining. Not too bad, just enough to make it interesting and thoughts of plugging and abandoning and going home briefly fluttered through my mind but they went away. So off we went winding through the northern part of downtown and into the Brady District and back.


This was on the back downtown. I am guessing about 1.7 miles into the race.


And then across the tracks and the long half mile home stretch to the finish line.

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Everybody had a great time. Kudos to Fleet Feet, the Race Director, the army of volunteers who showed up a dark thirty to get everything set up, the Tulsa Police Department who kept control of the course, and the sponsors who provided the food and drink. Everything went together well and it was a great experience.  There is a huge amount of work that goes into making sure that a race goes smoothly and I appreciate it.

The race course was straight with right angle turns and a long climb up to Cains Ballroom. It was challenging and fun. The food and drink were great. The shirt and medal were much appreciated. They had a live band, lots of port potty’s  and room to move around. I’ll be back at this race if I am in town next year.

Later today we are going to grill some chicken at home and then make our way to Veteran’s Park  for some fireworks!! How about you?

8 thoughts on “Firecracker 5K on the 4th in Downtown Tulsa

  1. artmusedog and carol

    Happy Fourth to you and your family ~ sounds like a fun time ~

    Here we had fireworks nite before the 4th ~ people in to view them from our deck and on 4th family cookout ~ then neighborhood cook out ~ fun time to celebrate Freedom ~

  2. nancy chan

    Happy 4th July! Sounds like great fun and the weather is wonderful is good for the run. I love fireworks display. What a wonderful way to celebrate with grill chicken and fireworks!

  3. Amy

    Seems funny to have a donut truck next to a marathon, I would’ve thought a water/coffee truck would’ve been more in keeping with exercising? 🙂

  4. DeniseinVA

    Looks like a great way to spend the 4th. We had a quiet but busy one getting ready for a house guest from New Zealand. Hubs cooked hotdogs and made potato salad.

  5. Sharon

    Good for you, running this race! It’s so odd to see a rainy, cloudy day on the Fourth of July, as it generally doesn’t rain all summer here in San Diego. Glad you had a grand holiday!

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