Monday Meanderings


I have sad news, Apple is not making any more Ipod Nanos. I have three of them including two of the type above with 32 gig of memory. It holds thousands of songs and I use them every single day. I have a brand new iPhone with 128 gigs and I got a bunch of music on it. In fact I have every song I own on it but I love the micro size of the nano and its simplified interface compared to the IPhone. The only drawback is that it is so small. That is why I have two of the above models. I lost and then found the first one.

I have also gone through three Ipod Touches. My first one didn’t have a camera and when I found out about Instagram I had to get a Touch with a camera. I wore that one out. Yep, the buttons wouldn’t work on it at all. I am now on my third. I think they are wonderful devices. All the benefits an none of the costs of an IPhone. Of course I have an Iphone now also. And an Ipad. I love Apple products. They should love me. Apple has made a lot of money off me when I think about it.


I love the sign above. 20% off the Ten Commandments. What a deal. Take off your least favorite two commandments and don’t worry about them. ย What a deal!!

Wagon Wheel Lake - Turkey Mountain

It has been a long hot summer and I am totally acclimated now. I ran seven miles on Turkey Mountain, after work, last week and it didn’t bother me despite the mid 90 degree heat. I started running the mountain with a hydration pack last year and it makes all the difference in the world. It is a backpack with a 1.5 liter water bladder with it so I can stay hydrated while I run. I recommend it highly.


One reason I need to run. I love the Chili and toasted, buttered, french bread that I can get at downtown’s Take2 Restaurant. I am guestimating about 1400 calories. My seven miles were probably 1050 calories. So I’m losing the war!!! But I’m enjoying the battle. You know what I think. You cannot enjoy eating and craft beer and lose weight. You know what a good diet would be? Take a bite or a swig and if it tastes good spit it out. You will be skinny as a rail and miserable in no time.

How about you? What have you been up to lately?

9 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    You would live a few years longer on that diet, but each day would seem like hell. Not worth it. I read the part about the 20% off that plaque to ‘he who does not blog’ and we spent a little time trying to decide which two we’d get rid of. I suspect we may come back to that discussion in future (after 60 years it is always good to have a new topic of discussion, thank you very much )).

  2. Pat

    I know the frustration over the the battle of weight, Yogi. I go up and down according to my level of activity. This has not been the best summer, activity wise, as I melt in hot weather, so I’m hoping for a better fall. I like cooler/colder temperatures!

  3. Amy

    oooh that plate of food is making me hungry – looks good! It would be perfect here right now in the cold weather.

  4. Jeanna

    I think my days of running in 90หš weather ended when I was in my mid-twenties, lol. Good for you. I’d say I’m used to more than I thought I could handle this summer, bu it mostly involves going to festivals and taking photos. Since the temps are dropping drastically again I’m pretty happy with summer right now. I don’t even want to think about the calories from all the buttered corn I’m eating.

  5. nancy chan

    I enjoy reading your post. I am losing the battle trying to shed the extra weight that I have put on lately due to too much sitting around and munching on snacks! I know I will enjoy the food with the toast in the last photo. Hubby has an iphone but I am using an android which is much, much cheaper.

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