Skywatch Friday – November 2017 Edition


Well it is November and our weather up until today has been pretty mild, blue skies, and sunny skies.


My photo doesn’t really show but we had a crystalline clear moon one night. These was a few days ago just shy of the Full Beaver Moon or Frost Moon. I love moon shots.


My wife’s cousin’s wife (got that?) Sheri Lou has been taking photographs of the goings on around the family ranch in Western Oklahoma and she sends them to me and I doctor them up and post them and we have a pretty good partnership going on. I love the wide open skies of Western Oklahoma and the tough, big hearted people that live out there.


We have had a few funky skies in Tulsa. Here is a few weeks ago downtown in the late evening.

So what is up with your skies?

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17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – November 2017 Edition

  1. Alana

    Our skies? Well, don’t be fooled by the pictures on my blog today. We will have a record low tonight, probably. The winds are howling outside right now and the temperature is dropping. Winter has arrived. We’ll be lucky to have any leaves left, but that is how it goes in upstate New York.

  2. Stan

    That third image looks like a photo of a painting; or, some app that created that illusion. In any case, it is quite beautiful.

  3. Peter B

    I must say I really like the third shot (with your photo editing). Looks like an oil painting with heavy daubs of oil. Also, great moon capture!

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