Heart in Concert – Ann and Nancy Wilson at The Joint

(Sorry about the photo’s I did my best!)

Last Thursday, the day before V Day Heather and I with some friends went to see Heart at The Joint here in Tulsa. Ann and Nancy Wilson gave the crowd a great performance. They played their hits from the 70’s and 80’s and some Led Zeppelin covers. They sounded wonderful and were very lively.


I think everybody left satisfied. I hope they decide to come back. Check out their website here.

They didn’t play Stairway to Heaven here in Tulsa but they played it on television not too long ago. Check them out.

Have you been to a good concert lately.

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6 thoughts on “Heart in Concert – Ann and Nancy Wilson at The Joint

  1. Sylvia K

    Looks and sounds like great fun!! Haven’t been to a concert in some time — for some reason everyone around me thinks I’m too old for such stuff?????

  2. Sandy Carlson

    I thought I had commented here. I am losing my marbles, for sure. I saw this post yesterday and smiled remembering how much I loved Heart when I was a kid. They had spine.

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