Day of the Dead – 2018

Skulls and skeletons are significant symbols of both the dead and the living. Underneath we are all skeletons.

Heather and I ventured to Living Arts of Tulsa Friday evening for their Day of the Dead event.


National Geographic has some information  on the Day of the Dead. First off it is not a Mexican version of Halloween. 

I loved this Star Trek themed Day of the Dead mural.

They claim that it originated thousands of years ago when the Aztecs and other ancient cultures. They believed that death was on the same continuum as life and that their ancestors should be honored.  

This mural is for those of us who love our pets. They just do not live very long. 

Over time the ancient traditions merged with Christian beliefs and now the Day of the Dead occurs November 1 and 2, All Souls Day and All Saints Day. 


A big part of the Day are the ofrenda’s or altars to the dead that can be installed in homes or graveyards. 


They are meant to honor the dead and make them part of the holiday. Photos and other rembrances are displayed and favorite food and drink is offered. 


The Ofrendas at Living Arts are for real. They are built by people for their loved ones. 


They are really powerful and they speak to me of the power of family, love, tradition, remembrance and mourning. 

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9 thoughts on “Day of the Dead – 2018

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    We were in Santa Fe NM one year on Day of the Dead and attended some of the events. (And that was the first time we’d heard of it.) I thought then — and still think — that it is a wonderful way to celebrate and remember family and friends. And to be aware that death is a part of life. Something the culture that we grew up in doesn’t do well with. That visit to Santa Fe was a long time ago and now even Eugene Oregon is blessed with people who have brought their culture to this country and a couple of years ago we visited a Day of the Dead celebration right here. We are enriched by such things as everyone should understand. (And i will not go into politics any further.)

  2. Eileen Wise

    Hello, love the murals. The Day of the Dead is a great tradition. A nice way for the family and friends to remember their loved ones. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  3. Jackie

    I think it is a wonderful way to celebrate lost ones. I have a small (growing) collection of catrinas. I was lazy this weekend and didn’t go to a Day of the Dead exhibit and now kicking myself.

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