Thanksgiving 2018

Nana and Heather

We had a small group for Thanksgiving this year. Just me, my wife, Heather, her Mom, Nana, and my brother Bob who drove over from Tennessee. We Nana’s two bratty dogs and reclusive cat. We left our three bratty mutts and two spoiled cats at home. Yes, we are bad critter parents.


It was low key. Nana did most of the cooking except for the chicken and ribs. I smoked them the day before. We had lots to eat.

Brother Bob

I went to bed Wednesday night not feeling well and it got worse before it got better later the next morning. 

Fiona doing her best grin. Didn’t work, no ribs or chicken for her!!

Brother Bob and I watched a lot of football. We saw Chicago beat the Detroit Lions and then later on we watched the Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins. You know I wasn’t a hundred percent because I did not have one beer during the game, or all day for that matter.


I’m a geocacher and so while on a gas run I found a cache. You have to be sneaky like this if you want to be a geocacher. I have almost 1600 and I am trying to get to 2000 before the end of 2019. So I have to be sneaky. By the way the cache above is a special type called a skirt lifter because they are hidden under the skirts of parking lot lights.


I eventually felt good enough to have two or three “half glasses” of wine. You know a half glass doesn’t really count right?

Anyway, it was low key but we were together and that made it great!!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well.

I was very grateful for my family today. 

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2018

  1. Driller's Place

    Your Thanksgiving sounds much like ours. My wife and I, our daughter, son-in-law, and three of the grandkids. The oldest and newlywed grand daughter was celebrating with her new family. Yes our dog and our daughter’s two canines were in attendance as well. There was football and too much food. This morning I launched the 2018 Christmas Music Marathon and we will soon put up the tree and decorate the house for Christmas. Tis the season. Hope you’re feeling better on this day.

  2. Ellen

    So glad Bob got to spend the holiday with you. Having a stomach bug on Thanksgiving doesn’t seem fair. One of these years we’ll have to find a way to be together on a holiday.

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