Brother Bob’s Birthday – Celebrating 66 on Route 66

The great photographer of the family tells them, you guys stand here and I will go across the street. Well, that  didn’t work out well.

Brother Bob came over from Tennessee to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. His birthday is right around that  time as well and he was talking about Turning 66 on Route 66. That sounded good to me so on Black Friday we including son Logan went on a phototour

So I moved in closer, and no sign of the Meadow Gold sign and what’s worse is that I cut off their feet!

We went to a few Route 66 sites in Tulsa.

Okay, I will take this at Cyrus Avery Plaza. Note how Logan towers over his uncle.
Poor guys, I cut off their feet again.
The eternal debate, stand together? or flank the sculpture? I don’t know.

On to Route 66 Village in west Tulsa. A gigantic locomotive on display there. Logan is taller than the wheels! I can still take him though. I just hope I don’t have to prove it some day.


In front of the train. Not too bad. Not too good. It is what it is.

Bob Birthday Collage 2 2018

So Bob, Logan, and I had our #OptOutside black Friday on a stretch of Route 66 in Tulsa. We also ate some Chili Cheese Coney Dogs and ventured to the Philbrook Museum of Art to kind of balance things out. Later on  some birthday cake. 

7 thoughts on “Brother Bob’s Birthday – Celebrating 66 on Route 66

  1. Driller's Place

    I think the technique you used to put the bridge in the background with your brother and Logan in the foreground would work at the Meadow Gold sign. Bring them closer to you and capture the sign in the background. Just a thought. I have been over to see that locomotive and it is an impressive piece of machinery. Glad Bob got to celebrate number 66 on a piece of Route 66. Have a blessed week-end.

  2. Gaelyn

    I like the idea of 66 on Rt66. How could you possibly document the occasion without poses and feet cut off. Logan has grown into a tall young man.

  3. Ellen

    Wow! Bob looks so short next to Logan. They are both looking slim and trim. Really clever way to celebrate his birthday!

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