Skywatch Friday – Beer Yoga Edition


We are having a late winter this year and it is really irritating me. I mean the days are longer, the light is good, even the birds are singing but it is bitter cold. What’s up with that.


I got me a glass ball to take photos with. I love it. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I am liking it now. You have to be careful in full sun. I was taking a photo today with it and I about burnt my hand. It is like a magnifying glass. I’ve read reviews that it can start fires if you place it on dry grass in full sun.


I like messing with photographs. This is the green space in our neighborhood. I edited it rather heavily with some iphone apps.

The floor was kind of cold, even with a mat.

I’ve been taking lots of yoga classes lately. Six so far this year, five in the last three weeks. I have very stiff muscles and at my age I can tell if I don’t do anything about it then it is going to be a bigger and bigger factor as time goes by. I don’t want any big factors. I can tell a difference already. I feel a little looser and a lot stronger. Yoga is not for weaklings. Those small, skinny, women who teach are strong as well as limber. Plus I have this great sense of well being afterward.

A nice French Ale

So I signed up for a “Beer and Yoga” event at a local brewery. Yep, I went. It was great. I noticed most of the participants got their beer to begin with. I didn’t because the brew was going to be my reward. Plus at my age, if I drank it before the class then I would have to leave the class temporarily one, two, or three times. Don’t make me explain why. Anyway I loved the class but it will be a while before the next one. Our gym was hosting a kids indoor triathlon last Saturday and had cancelled all the classes. So this Saturday I’ll be back to either the stand up paddleboard class I have been taking or my wife’s AquaZoneBa class she teaches. No beer at either one but hey, I have lots of my own beer.


And while I am telling on myself, here is some more. We went to a recently renovated movie theater the other day and guess what they have a full bar. So I got me a craft beer to go with the movie. It was cold that day and they had reclining seats so I brought me a blanket as well. T Don’t you judge me!!

Now that I have shared much more than I should, I am linking with Skywatch Friday.

30 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Beer Yoga Edition

  1. Barb

    I don’t know if I think Yoga and Beer go together! I took many yoga classes in my 40’s and 50’s. I loved them. However, now I’m less inclined to have to drive to a class. Instead, I’m trying to learn Tai Chi on line. I love how graceful it is, and I also like that it requires memory to get the sequential moves right. I’m really klutzy so far, but since nobody sees me, who cares? I’ve heard of those movie theaters with a bar and reclining seats. Again, we tend to rent movies at home – I often have a glass of wine while watching… I like the green belt edit. Editing is lots of fun, in my opinion.

  2. Klara S

    I like editing of the first picture very much. What, I don’t like is late winter in the US, because in two weeks time the winter will come here…

  3. Valerie

    A very entertaining post Alan – thanks so much for a delightful re-entry into the world of blogging. I’ve missed catching up with y’all. You brought a smile or two to the start of my day. The glass ball approach sounds interesting although clearly potentially hazardous to one’s health 🙂 Happy weekend to you.

  4. Peter B.

    Ha ha, beer and yoga sound like a great combination! I wonder if alcohol makes you more limber and flexible? I like your photo edits, and be careful with that glass ball in the hot sun!

  5. Alana

    I have been resisting yoga – yet I am told, again and again, that it will help my back issues. And, I’m sure it will help my stiffness. But I keep resisting. Maybe, if there was beer involved.. Also, I hear you about the birds (they’ve been singing here maybe 3 weeks). Spring, where are you?

  6. Junieper2 (Jesh StG)

    What a great idea with the glass ball – beautiful spheric capture! I remember OK can be cold in winter (we had friends living near Miami, OK)
    Saw you linked up my photo at sky watch – yay! Very much appreciated, because most of the memes/challenges link up to, are with this link list! I have been contacting them every time this week, but don’t get a response (checked also spam and junk folder) . Yes, last week I did, but their suggestions did not have any effect, so I hope they’re still working on it!
    Thanks for hosting and hop the weather warms up soon!

  7. Hootin' Anni

    Well, I hate winter…period!! It should be Spring-like weather for us now. Hopefully.

    Yes, those lensballs can get nasty in the sun. Be careful. Love what you shared!a

    An icy beer is always good. You’ve sold me.

  8. Mary (cactus catz)

    I love that glass ball! What a cool idea and an amazing photo. I love the skies too. gorgeous. Kudos to you for doing yoga! I tried it once a long time ago when I was a lot younger. I was sooo surprised at how much I ached afterwards — it stretched muscles that I don’t think have ever been used in my life. I was surprised at how something that looks relaxing and easy is difficult and a very good workout.

  9. DrillerAA

    I love the theaters with reclining seats. So far I have not fallen asleep in any of them. Nice photo edits. I’m happy to see that you are being proactive about flexibility and you certainly don’t have to explain the reason for beer AFTER exercise to me. Have a great week.

  10. Amy Franks

    I enjoy yoga, haven’t done it in quite some time though but I first got into it about 5 years ago when I went through a bit of a depression and it helped me feel alot more settled and centered.

  11. Sallie

    Y’all are having way too much fun there …Yoga and beer sounds amazing. I wonder if it would entice Bill to try Yoga. …we do have lots of microbreweries in Eugene. I actually just got home after a Yoga Nidra class and now I need to take a nap.

  12. Angie

    Wow. Those first two pictures are beyond stunning.

    I can relate to the “fire” possibility – in the past, when doing cross-stitch, I used a magnifier that hung on a cord around my neck. On one road trip, I kept noticing an uncomfortably warm spot on my leg, but it would go away (temporarily) when I shifted position. I finally realized that the magnifying glass was focusing the sunlight and starting to burn a hole in my trousers!!!

    Good for you with the yoga!!!

  13. Ellen

    Beer yoga sound wonderful. I used to go regularly, but haven’t gotten back into it since returning from Yellowstone.

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