Tulsa 2019 Auto Show


I sneaked off for a little bit today amongst a busy day to check out the Tulsa Auto Show at the Fairgrounds.


It has considerably downsized in the twenty some years I have been going. People don’t seem as excited about cars as what they used to be.


I don’t blame them. All the sedans look like Toyota and the truck and SUV’s look alike also.


The emphasis these days seems to be on technology and other features. My new Subaru is impressive. It has twin cameras installed up by the rear view mirror and they almost drive the car by themself. If I have an excursion they car pulls back into the lane. My car also sends me a monthly email telling me how it is doing. It never asks how I am doing. Maybe the next big thing will be cars with more emotional intelligence. You heard it here first.


They also have lots of older cars there. I love them. You can actually tell them apart from each other.


I wonder why don’t see pickups like this any longer?


I love the Corvairs. Lots of cool technology in these cars. Not because of gee whiz type features but of operational simplicity.


The new pickup trucks are gigantic but I love the look of the older trucks better. Especially if they have cool two toned paint jobs like this. Look at that grill!


Anyway, I had a lot of fun. I like car shows. Have you been to one lately?

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8 thoughts on “Tulsa 2019 Auto Show

  1. Sallie

    Yes, these days cars are much smarter, but they so have less personality. Remember when you knew who people were because you recognized their car way down the street? Now, as you say, they all look alike. I swear everybody here drives a white suv. .

  2. Angie

    I have not been to a traditional auto show for decades, probably since I lived in Detroit. But I do enjoy attending vintage car shows – as you say, much more interesting and talking to the people who own/restore the vehicles is always inspiring. My favorite of this group is the VW bus!

  3. Driller's Place

    Your right about the car shows getting smaller. I don’t think many young kids dream of the car they want to own some day. They don’t have visions of Camaros and Mustangs dancing in their heads. I remember when all of the new cars hit the streets in September. We looked forward to the unveiling of the new models every year. And your right about the pick-up trucks. I believe my 2011 Nissan Frontier crew cab is about the same size as that beautiful classic GMC. You need a step ladder to wash the new full size trucks.

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