Our World – Tulsa’s Downtown Churches

Tulsa is unique for having thriving downtown churches unlike many big cities where they are just barely hanging on. Here are three of them and a bonus photo.

Holy Family Cathedral - Hdr - Topaz Studio

This is one of my favorite churches, the Catholic Holy Family Cathedral with its unusual three spires. This year it is 105 years old.

First Christian Church

Right down the street is the First Christian Church of Tulsa with its unusual tiled roof. It looks a little Middle Eastern to me.

Boston Avenue Church Topaz DSCN9548-Edit

And my favorite, the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church on the very southern end of downtown. An zig zag art-deco masterpiece designed by Bruce Goff and Adah Robinson. It was barely finished when the Depression hit and church legend has it that the leading members had to work like crazy to keep it from being foreclosed and turned into a movie theater.

Arkansas River Bridge Topaz Studio

This is the bonus photo. It is not of a church. It is the underside of the 21st street bridge over the Arkansas River in Tulsa. I caught it in the afternoon late enough to be lighted by the sun to the northwest (to the right roughly) and early enough where the light had some intensity to it. And I helped along a little with a Topaz Studio filter. It kind of looks like the inside of cathedral doesn’t it? Oh throw me a bone somebody!

There are several other very active vital churches downtown with interesting buildings. I’ll be posting about those later, maybe. I don’t plan my posts much.

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10 thoughts on “Our World – Tulsa’s Downtown Churches

  1. Junieper.Jesh

    Have been in Tulsa several times (looong time ago), but since I wasn’t blogging then, never paid attention to the churches – wow, beautiful buildings. But my favorite of your captures, is the row of pillars underneath!I guess it was the reflection of the sun that colored the water to bronze?

  2. Gaelyn

    I do admire the architecture of the old churches but suspect there is less dispensable income for parishioners these days for such elaborate construction. Excellent shot under the bridge and the arches do look rather ‘churchy’.

  3. Driller's Place

    Great set of images Yogi. The image under the 21st Street bridge reminds me of catacombs beneath ancient temples. Nicely done. Yes, Tulsa has some beautiful houses of worship in the downtown area. My high school Vespers service was held at the downtown Presbyterian church. I don’t think high schools hold Vespers services any longer. I’m sure something about separation of church and state is involved.

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