Skywatch Friday – Teton Sunset

So from my Our World post about our hiking outing to Yellowstone Park I mentioned that we were cold and it was getting late so we hightailed back to Jackson. Well, I lied, we made a couple of stops.


As we got closer to the Grand Teton National Park we stopped to gaze at the above scene. The Teton range is all in a line and it is quite a sight. It is also an optical illusion of sorts. The closer you get the farther away it is, if that makes any sense.


We drove on but after a while just had to stop again. The sunset was pretty spectacular over the mountains.


It kept getting brighter and brighter so we just stayed and watched.


No filters on any of these photos. Also, I just put the camera on auto, for good or bad.



So, God turned the lights out, we got our tired, hungry, cold but happy selves in the car and drove into Jackson to get something to eat.

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12 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Teton Sunset

  1. Ellen

    It’s hard describing the Tetons to anyone who hasn’t seen it for themselves. I think we were bred to love the Tetons, even the Idaho side which mom said were even prettier than the Wyoming side. Amazing sunset!

  2. Peter B.

    What a great series of sky shots! I like that you took the time and trouble to stop often to capture them. I do the same thing. Drives everyone else in the car crazy!!

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