Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Fall came in with a bang yesterday in Tulsa. Cold, wind, rain here it came. I had to do that most of miserable of chores in cold weather.


Gassing up the car. Nothing like it in a cold wet rain, even with a canopy. When I was a kid we lived in a little town in Arizona where we heated the house with a big huge fireplace that was outfitted with blowers and vents. My brother and I had to saw the logs, split, and stack them and then haul enough wood to the house every day to feed the fireplace. To this day, fireplaces are not romantic to me, I hate them. Anyway, I am off topic.


So I gassed up the care shivering shaking. Took all of about a minute or two. I spent more time taking photos than pumping the gas so don’t feel sorry for me. Not that you were of course.


Something about rain makes it extremely photogenic.


And since today was my day off I had to get some adult malted beverage at the liquor store. Oklahoma finally joined the 21st century last year. We can get a wide variety of cold beer now. This place had a beverage chiller for the beer and wine not in their refrigerators. Very cool. You just put your cans or bottles in and in five minutes they are basically ice cold.


Tomorrow I am running the Tulsa Run. I ran the 15K version twenty four times. Nowadays I will be running the 5K event for the third time. I always look forward to the Lululemon girls and their signs. The above is the only photo I have that ever went viral. I posted it on facebook after a race and it got shared over a 100,000 times. I hope it quits raining today. I have cold, wet weather running gear so I’m prepared one way or the other.

4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

  1. Amy Franks

    I have to say that I miss having a fireplace. In my old house I use to own we had one that warmed up every room, it was good for reading books next to.

  2. Ellen

    Wow, your gas is cheap! We’re at $2.79 right now. I think you Oklahomans are a bit spoiled. We had our first major snow yesterday and next we we have four days of snow with single digits at night Next week. I think it’s going to be a long winter.

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