LaCoronaVida #5 – Things are Getting Squirrely


I was on the patio this morning and this fat little toad of a squirrel was eating all the bird food. It has three siblings and they are very active except when the neighborhood hawk is nosing around then they stay where they are flattened to a branch or a ground until long after Mr. Hawk leaves the area.

With this pandemic thing raging Heather has really amped up her green thumb working hard on both her and her mother’s garden. So for Mother’s Day from Logan and I, I picked out this fountain, ordered it online and picked it up early this morning and had it all assembled up and going by the time she work up. I guess some could say I spoiled her surprise and I would say that I just changed the timing of it. Nothing like the sounds of water in a garden is what I say. I like the contactless curbside pickup at Lowe’s. You order it, they tell you when it is ready, you drive to the store and phone them that I am there and they bring it out and put it in the back. Nice and safe for everybody.

I am going to start running again so I went to the running store and got some new kicks. Arahi’s by Hoka. I googled “Arahi” and the only thing that pops up are these shoes. It sounds like it should mean something somewhere, besides shoes I mean. I liked what the store was doing. Only one customer at a time inside and me and the lady who helped me were wearing masks.

The local grocery store by contrast was bad. The staff had masks and plexiglass shields. I would guestimate only 10% of the customers were wearing a mask and physical distancing was inadequate in many areas. I guess that many of my fellow Okies have lost their will to live.

I got summoned to MIL’s house. She had a smoke alarm out and so you know the first thing is figuring out which one of the ones she had are out. That took a little bit. I only had two batteries otherwise I would have changed them all. She is going to get some more batteries and then I’ll change the rest of them.

I hope that everybody is staying safe.

5 thoughts on “LaCoronaVida #5 – Things are Getting Squirrely

  1. Angie

    Alan – what a lovely Mother’s Day gift – if it was me, I wouldn’t care what day I got it, as long as it was close (and before the day). I share your concerns about masks – we have to do what we can and wait and see. Perhaps it has to get worse again in order for people to take it seriously. Enjoy your new running shoes – before I became a runner I never “got” the excitement of getting a new pair, but now I do!!!

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