Skywatch Friday – Another Storm Blows Through

Looking northwest after the storm

A few days ago we had a fast moving storm with threatened tornado and possible hail come through. (You could say that about any day in May here in Oklahoma it seems.)

Looking straight west.

So we sheltered in place and watched the TV news and yes we had some very heavy, brief downpours, no hail though, no tornadoes, thank goodness and then we emerged from our houses and the air was a little breezy and cool so I launched my drone. Not too high though, it senses windspeed and alarms if it might get away from me, so I lowered the altitude and and snapped a few photographs and a short video.

Looking northeast across the green belt.

This is the back side of the storm as it moved on further east in Oklahoma and on into Arkansas.

A short panorama of the western sky.

Anyway, chalk up another spring storm we survived.

Full Moon 2020-05-05

And here is a shot of a near full moon. I amplified the detail on the moon and added a penciling type texture to the space around the moon to provide a sense of depth.

How are things where you are? Oklahoma is loosening up the restrictions a little and it seems that many of us are abandoning the guidelines and engaging in risky behavior. I just hope that we don’t have a second wave of infection.

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21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Another Storm Blows Through

  1. junieper2/Jesh StG

    Don’t like these kinds of storms, but LOVE these skies! They remind my on the paintings of Rembrandt! Maybe I should do (paint) a sky sometime …. your captures are inspiring. Wishing you a calm weekend! Jesh

  2. Peter B.

    I’m totally enjoying all your drone photos! They are talking about lightening up some restrictions starting tomorrow, but still a long ways from back to normal.

  3. Alana

    Those storms are scary (I used to live in that part of the country – Kansas and Northwest Arkansas) but do they ever produce some amazing skies. Meanwhile, we are expecting a snowstorm Friday night. The apple trees (a major industry here) are in full bloom: a big “uh-oh”.

  4. Eileen

    Hello, wonderful series of sky images, The views are beautiful! I love watching a storm, from a distance.
    Thanks for hosting Skywatch! Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  5. Linda in Virginia

    Fine sky shots! Virginia is easing up restrictions on salons, churches, and outdoor restaurants. Local yahoos are demonstrating that they want everything opened up ‘cuz they want their free-dumb.

  6. Sallie

    You and your drone captured some amazing skies. And I enjoyed the pano video very much. …. It’s the possibility of storms like this (or worse) though that made us anxious to get out of Florida before the season started. But then our little seasonal canal cottage there isn’t anywhere near as safe and secure as your beautiful home. (Can you imagine being in a hurricane shelter during a pandemic?).

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