Skywatch Friday – Bridges and Such

Pedestrian Bridge-Edit

This is the beloved Pedestrian Bridge across the Arkansas River that I posted earlier. I posted a similar photo on the Abandoned Oklahoma facebook group and boy talk about a strong response. Most people want to keep it and are outraged that nobody got any notice. Seriously folks, its been in the news for three years. It’s a little late because the demolition contractor moved this last Monday. I got messages asking if it would be possible to get a bridge section. I don’t know folks, I’m just the picture taker. Call the River Parks!! I’ll miss the bridge but am looking forward to the new one.

Gathering Place-Edit

A play castle at Tulsa’s fabulous Gathering Place. Oh to be a kid again.

A cool sign on the drive to Sequoyah State Park. I was by a year or so ago and the motel was all run down with a for sale sign. It sold, the place is spruced up and it looked like they had a lot of people there. I love it.

moon 3 IMG_2549-1-1-1-Edit

And a 90% full moon. We had a big bright moon, but it wasn’t full but with rain in the forecast I went ahead and took this photo.

I hope that everybody is staying healthy. Here in Oklahoma, Covid is surging and our Governor is not really doing anything about so our family is still hiding out, wearing our masks, and avoiding clusters.

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14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Bridges and Such

  1. Eileen


    I love the retro sign, pretty sky captures. The play castle looks awesome. Thank you for hosting! Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. Peter B.

    People do love their bridges. Hopefully the new one will have as much character as the old one. Great vintage lodge sign. Refrigerated Air?? Too funny.

  3. Cathy Kennedy


    It’s a shame to see old landmarks slid into ruins. I’m happy to know a new footbridge is set to replace the old one. I love that the old motel was bought and remodeled. Vintage things and places like The Indian Lodge on being forced to move into the future with less offensive wording but I say “Poppycock!” People of color are proud of their heritage and are not offended by the term. Have you noticed in photographs of those preaching change are not of the said cultural protest? Hmmm, makes you think,huh? But, I’m not here to talk politics or to cause a fight. My brain gets congested with such things sometimes. In God’s eyes were all equal. We need to come together as a nation and bow before the King of Kings instead of anything earthly, people or causes. Oops, I did it again. Sorry ’bout that! Anywho, I hate reading that your governor isn’t doing much to help the people in your state. I hope the rioters aren’t an issue, too. The numbers in our area have improved, fewer deaths and far more recoveries from COVID. Public face covering is required for shopping and doctor appointments but we’re keeping to ourselves when possible going only to doctor appointments. We have our groceries delivered. Things will get better, as we’re slowly seeing now. Sending positive vibes and prayers to you and yours. Stay safe and be well, my friend!

    1. Cathy Kennedy

      Ooops correction slide not slid. Oh no, another goof…after The Indian Lodge not on but “are”. *slap forehead* Forgive me for the screw ups. I mean “In God’s eyes we’re all equal.” Yike! I’m making mistakes left and right this morning. I would crawl back in bed but I have too much to do. Have a good weekend!

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