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Lots going on at our house these days. We are doing a “refresh” new floors and pant mainly. Last week the tile demo guy showed up and wow, what a mess and what hard work!! One guy showed up and worked from morning until night with no breaks.

First he had to take all the tile up and then the “grinding” where he ground the mortar off the floor. Noisy and dusty. And guess what he had to stop halfway through the second day because his wife was having a baby. So he was gone that day, missed the next day and showed back up the day after that. We wouldn’t have minded if he took a few more days off. I am sure that he has no benefits and no time off. We really do live in separate worlds in the USA. Those of us that have benefits and time off live one way and millions don’t have that. That being said, I am in awe of the guys work ethic.

The noise was huge! Our two dogs and cats are traumatized. I am as well.

So Saturday while that was going on we had a garage sale. We are really trying to declutter drastically and change the way we do things. We even sold our Christmas Trees. We got rid of almost everything in the garage. We met a lot of people. I met one of our neighbors. She was from Vietnam. She came first then over the years she brought seven of her brothers and sisters over (all legal! she said). They all live within a couple blocks of each other. They all showed up and chatted and bought some of our stuff. Really nice people. Our world is changing before our eyes.

Except nobody wanted Heather’s Windsor Bears. Anyway, it was great but stressful. Meanwhile the tile guy completed his work so Heather and I dusted, swept, dusted, and vacuumed for hours. The grinding made everything gritty despite the fans in the doors and the open windows, and the plastic sheeting covering everything. (Our air conditioning guy said to not run the A/C or heating to avoid damage so we didn’t but the weather was cool) I think that we’ll be working on the cleanup for a while. So this week, new tile, new laminate!!

So Sunday was a regroup day. I went geocaching and had a lot of fun going down the lonely trails and abandoned roads.

I even found a geocache in a dog park featuring this statue. What kind of dog is this to you? It looks to me kind of like a gorilla, but what do I know?

So how has your week been?

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14 thoughts on “Our World – Remodeling Etc

  1. Nancy Chan

    I dread the noise and dust from the remodeling work. But you will get to enjoy the finished work. If you didn’t mention that the statue is a dog, I thought it was a gorilla.

    1. Nancy Chan

      With reference to your reply, I am so sorry for the misunderstanding caused by my comment on your post. I want to assure you that I didn’t feel any sarcasm in what you have written in this post regarding the statue that looks like a gorilla.

      What I was trying to say is that at first glance the statue looks like a gorilla to me. Then I read that it was a dog park, so I suppose the statue was supposed to be a dog. That is all. I hope this helps to clear things up. So sorry.

      Thank you for reaching out to me.
      Take care and stay safe,

  2. Eileen


    Home renovations are not fun, I wish I go away and come back when it is done.
    I am sure it will be beautiful when it is finished. I think the statue looks like a gorilla.
    Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  3. Carol

    It’s funny that you are doing your floors now – the first week in November I will get new floors. I am currently purging and packing up the living eating cooking areas which is the majority of the house. Good luck. I’ve already made plans to leave and not stay in my house for about 4 or 5 days as the carpet/tile is removed and the concrete is cleaned for my new wood look tile. I think the noise would drive me crazy even if the dust didn’t kill me.

  4. Vicki

    We just had the outside of the house painted and new kitchen appliances in the last few days and plan on getting new flooring soon. Even the little jobs make a mess all over.

    I thought that was a gorilla too, it doesn’t look like a dog to me at all!

    I know someone who collects bears so I would have bought them!

  5. Penelope Notes

    I’m with you wishing the process of improvements weren’t so messy. What a huge job to change the flooring! Hoping to see it once the cleanup is complete. Haha … that is definitely a gorilla in the dog park.

  6. Fun60

    I thought that was a gorilla. You must be excited about your new floors. A lot of dust and grit to be cleared up for days to come I imagine.

  7. Pat

    Yogi please show the new tile/floors when installed! That is a big job. We had new shower and bathtub faucets installed recently and the plumber had to break some tiles to get them installed. We’ve waited 3 weeks for a tile man to show up so far. There is so much new construction going on right now that all handymen are very busy.

    Good for you and Heather to de-clutter. We did that when we moved, but eight years later things are beginning to accumulate again It’s a constant battle!

  8. Ellen

    What a mess! That looks like incredibly hard work. Cant wait to see the “after” pictures.

    I’ve been selling my collectibles on eBay. There’s a bigger audience there, although don’t expect to get a lot for them. They make it super easy with the shipping and all.

  9. Driller's Place

    Oh man!!! Tile is just the worst mess ever. There is no easy way to remove and replace ceramic tile and your right, the clean-up could go on for weeks. Every time you vacuum you will pick up tile dust for a while. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  10. Barb

    Oh – that dust and noise would take me over the edge! However, it will be wonderful when it’s all done. I can’t believe nobody wanted the Windsor Bears! Bob and I constantly declutter and still we have too much stuff! I tell people not to give us gifts anymore – I suggest a donation to a charity instead.

  11. Gaelyn

    I can’t imagine living with the noise and dust. Also look forward to seeing the new floor. Garage sales are good to declutter, and make room for more. 😉

  12. A ShutterBug Explores

    Looks like a gorilla to me and love Heather’s bear ~ Glad you got a respite from you home construction ~ neat photos ~^_^

    Xox ~ from Angel

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

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