Blast From the Past Tuesday

I have like 76,000 photos in my archives which is a little much I admit. The bad thing is that I have 8000 untagged, mostly auto uploads from my cell phone. So I have been trying to get ahold of that issue. First by tagging all my current photos and second by slowly working backwards in time on the untagged photos and I’ve been making pretty good headway I am back to October 2017 by now. Just for grins I decided to look at my archives from November three years ago, 2017 to see what I could see.


So here is my wife Heather at a chalkboard at an athletic apparel store in Tulsa’s Utica Square. Back then they were sponsoring different type exercise classes out in front of the store before it opened. Among other things, Heather teaches BollyX Dance Fitness, a class based on dances in India’s Bollywood movies. Heather is a fiend for Bollywood movies and is a certified BollyX class teacher.


So here she and her students are at the end doing the BollyX arm crosses. I’ve tried to tell her that that is former Dallas Cowboy Desmond Bryant’s signature move but she doesn’t listen to me. Not that I blame her.


So brother Bob visits us every year for Thanksgiving. Three years ago here he is on a hike with me and Logan on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain. Bob got stricken last year with Viral Encephalitis and the former marathon runner is still in physical therapy struggling with a walker. He vows that he will race again and recently things are really beginning to look up for him.


Speaking of running three years ago was the last time I ran the big miles. Here’s the crew I ran with on the Tulsa Route 66 Half Marathon that year. Do I ever miss races. They are making a slow comeback but the pandemic kind of knocked them in the head.


I miss the crowds in the big races and the signs.


Also three years ago I ran the Turkey N Taturs 25K trail race on Turkey Mountain. These gals had a refreshment stop on the race. If you have not run a trail race you have just been camping out. People try and outdo each other at the rest stops. No just water and gatorade. Nope, fully stocked bars, lots of food options including pancakes cooked on site, cookies, and other snacks including the distance runner favorite, baked potato wedges rolled in salt and straight pickle juice. Fun, fun, fun is what I say.


Speaking of running, when I was still working I ran a lot at night. No way ray for me any longer. I can go run during the day.


Here I am in my element, in the woods, far away from other people. I socially distanced way before the cool people did.

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