Saturday’s Critters – Squirrels and a Cat

Squirrel 02 NIK

Bitterly cold windy day today, this guy was guarding our bird feeder from the hungry birds. What a bully!!

Squirrel 03 NIK

From earlier in the week, I don’t know if its the same one or not but he was calmer.

LJ is chilling out. I don’t know what happened but the vet said he doesn’t need insulin any longer!! Yea!! I wish he’d of told me before I bought a new bottle of the stuff for him.

I’m linking with Eileen’s Saturday’s Critters, come join the fun.

10 thoughts on “Saturday’s Critters – Squirrels and a Cat

  1. Barb

    Our squirrels seem to have gone more dormant now that it’s cold. I still see their tacks on the snow, but they don’t scold as much when I go by in the forest. Nice that kitty doesn’t need shots anymore.

  2. Ellen

    I wish we had squirrels, but yesterday we had a golden eagle on the raptor roost–no photos to prove it though.

    How can he not need insulin anymore? That’s great news for LJ and you.

  3. Eileen

    Hello Alan,

    The squirrels here sit in the feeder, till they have their bellies full. Your kitty LJ is cute, i am glad he no longer needs the insulin. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas!

  4. Susie of Arabia

    That first squirrel pic is my favorite. Glad LJ doesn’t need insulin any more. My sister-in-law has had to give three of her cats insulin over the years.
    Merry Christmas, Alan – here’s hoping next year is better for all of us!

  5. Yvonne

    I have young squirrels visit every year, as there is a nest in a high tree across the street from us. They’re fun to watch, even though a lot of holes are dug everywhere. Glad your cat is off insulin. That really is great news.

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