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Saturday’s Critters – Squirrels and a Cat

Squirrel 02 NIK

Bitterly cold windy day today, this guy was guarding our bird feeder from the hungry birds. What a bully!!

Squirrel 03 NIK

From earlier in the week, I don’t know if its the same one or not but he was calmer.

LJ is chilling out. I don’t know what happened but the vet said he doesn’t need insulin any longer!! Yea!! I wish he’d of told me before I bought a new bottle of the stuff for him.

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Saturday’s Critters – Squirrels

I was out walking in Washington Irving Park Thursday and came across this squirrel noisily eating his lunch. He just sat there and watched me and when I finally got a little closer, he decided to move on.

Squirrel original-DeNoiseAI-denoise-studio
It looks pretty fat.

The day or so before I was on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain and heard kind of chittering noise and I looked around and saw this squirrel. Eating heartily. I apologize for the terrible quality of the video but I just had my cell phone.

The squirrels out in the woods seem more tolerant than those in our back yard. What’s is up with that? It might be our dogs. They love chasing after the squirrels.

I’m very thankful that I have my health and can take long walks in the woods.

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Woodward Park Squirrel

Squirrel - Topaz

One of the many squirrels hanging out at Tulsa’s Woodward Park. He is a little more inquisitive than most of them who when they see you don’t have food lose interest in you. I liked this guys big eyes. I hope that he has got his food cached for the winter because this winter is supposed to be cold.

I used Topaz Labs Impressions to give this photo a painted look.

Digital Art Meme