Geocaching 101

(Updated 12-12-2023)

I have been asked to explain what geocaching is and how to do it. has this great little short video that explains the basics of what it is and how to get started. It does a lot better job explaining it than I can.

Be careful, it can turn into an obsession.

There has even been a movie made about geocaching. Its called Splinterheads and here is a trailer.

You need at a minimum two things to go geocaching. First is a free membership at, second is a GPS receiver or a smart phone to download the geocaching app. Base models of GPS’s cost less than $100 new. Check your local Walmart, Academy or other sporting goods store, Amazon, and I’ve bought several at huge discounts on ebay. Know though that almost everybody uses a smartphone these days.

If you live close to Tulsa and want to go find a few let me know and we can meet up. There are well over a thousand caches in the city we’ll go see if we can find some.

11 thoughts on “Geocaching 101

  1. Sylvia K

    This really has become a big thing, hasn’t it? I have to admit that I’m fascinated and I’m sure there are lots of people here in the northwest who are into it. I’m afraid my knees aren’t up to the treks any longer, but it would be fun! Great post! Have a great weekend and Happy ‘caching’!!


  2. Janie

    I checked the geocaching site and was surprised to find that there are lots of caches near here. It’s an interesting hobby. I hope to try it sometime.

  3. Sunny

    I know of a few in this area but it’s a heck of a drive from where you are! haha!
    It really does sound like fun.
    ☼ Sunny

  4. Zhu

    Wow, GPS prices really went down, it used to be much more expensive I think.

    It looks like a fun activity, and I have no doubt it must be addictive! Good way to spend time outdoors I think.

  5. Boobies

    I had never heard of this before today and checked out the website…Quite a few within just a couple miles of me. Who woulda thought!

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