Weekend Reflections – Pepsi Lake on Turkey Mountain

I’ve been running and exploring the trails on Turkey Mountain after work.  There is a ridiculously fabulous complex network of trails and just a few of them are marked, there are very few people there, and so I’m lost half the time but I love the feeling of not knowing exactly where I am.

This was near my turnaround point, you can see the sun is getting kind of low. It was almost pitch black by the time I got back to my car.

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Everybody have a great weekend.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Pepsi Lake on Turkey Mountain

  1. okultrarunner

    Okay Yogi, we will look forward to your finding a great trail running course for later in the fall. That way we can all meet up at the Turkey Mountain parking lot & enjoy this with you.

  2. Tulsa Gentleman

    I drove up there one afternoon to see if I could get a good shot up the river at the downtown skyline. It doesn’t look like there were any roads to get in by car, just foot trails. I’m not sure taking my chair in there would be a good idea. I had no idea there was a lake up there. Looks real pretty.

  3. Julie

    A pond without a ‘mill’ – but gorgeous as anything. So still and so peaceful. I can understand the delight in losing one’s bearings.

  4. ♥Kathy♥

    Very nice shot. Yogi one of these days you will need to tell me where exactly is Turkey Mountain? I know its somewhere in west Tulsa but where exactly?

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