Our World – Pandemic Hiking

The weather has been mild and warm lately so we have been getting outside. Saturday, Heather and I went hiking on Turkey Mountain. We took a back country route so the trails were not as busy as other places. When we got back to the parking lot, it was full!! I had to do some maneuvering just to get out of our parking space.

So, yes, glad to see people enjoying the park. I hate to take more of it away for bigger parking lots though especially when needed only one or two days a year.

Sunday, the kid joined us and just for something new and different we ventured up to the Rogers State University Preserve in the nearby town of Claremore.

Very nice hiking trails and not very many people. We only went a couple miles but it was enough.

I saw this and my Dad joke that came to mind was, “Somebody has lost their hope.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Here’s the kid. A good time was had by all!

So we had a good weekend. This morning though I wake up and find out my laptop screen is not working. So I am putting this together using my office television set as a monitor. I love what computers can do but hate the machines. After all these years they are still very fragile devices. Wish me luck trying to figure out what is wrong.

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8 thoughts on “Our World – Pandemic Hiking

  1. Eileen


    It looks like a great hike with your family. You son has grown tall. It seems like more people are out on the trails here daily. I can tell by how many parked cars there are nearby. Sorry about your laptop! Take care, have a great new week!

  2. Amy Franks

    We do the same when we go out, we try to find places that aren’t packed with people, unfortunately it’s hard to do as our borders are closed so kiwis are travelling around our own country.

  3. Bohemian

    Your ‘Somebody has lost their Hope’ thought made me Smile, glad you couldn’t resist! I love to Hike and our weather now is such that perhaps I can make a few Hikes during Pandemic to get out of Lockdown Extended Stay. Reconnecting with Nature always brings me back to Center. Came over from Dora’s Blog.

  4. Sallie

    It’s great you are having such good weather and wonderful you can all get out and enjoy it. Turkey Mt posts always make me happy and (yes) hopeful after the backstory you’ve shared. And I like Dad jokes ))!

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