Weekend Reflections – Downtown Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa as I was headed to my car after getting released from Jury Duty. We had lots of breaks and so I got to wander around downtown. I worked there for twenty eight years and walked almost every working day at lunch. I was always looking for something I never saw before and almost succeeded. I knew people that worked there there whole careers and didn’t know where the post office was and had the impression that downtown was dangerous.

How can people be so uncurious?

I’m linking with Weekend Reflections. Those people are curious!! Almost all photobloggers are I think.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Downtown Tulsa

  1. Driller's Place

    I always kind of enjoyed working downtown. I worked at the corner of 5th and Main from 1971-1974. Then I got married, went back to school and never worked downtown again. We used to walk down to the Williams Center at lunch when the first three floors was a mall with an ice rink in the center.
    I worked on the civil engineering drawings for the Williams Center and the architectural drawings for the OneOk building. I only wish I had my current camera back then to record the changes downtown.

  2. klara

    great shot – and I agree – the best part of working downtown for me was exploring it in detail during lunch breaks. so many great photo opportunities.

  3. Bohemian

    I too have a Curious Nature and love to explore every square inch of my environment. I’m amazed that people have lived in Arizona all their lives and haven’t even crossed the City, let alone explored anywhere else beyond their regular routes to Home and Work. Downtown Phoenix is often thought to be dangerous and really, anywhere CAN be, you just have to possess common sense and confidence when you go anywhere anymore. I so enjoy finding new places to visit, new restaurants to eat at, new people to meet, it makes Life so much more Interesting and well rounded to expose ourselves to as much as we can.

  4. James

    Nice reflection! I’d planned on walking around Tulsa ten years ago on my way from Pennsylvania to California but I got in too late so I just slept then hit the road the next day. Truthfully I wanted to get as far away as fast as I could from tornados. It was the day after the big one in Joplin Mo. and there were more popping up.

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