Our World – Geocaching at Lake Keystone

Saturday afternoon my wife went to visit her friends and I drove out to Lake Keystone, northwest of Tulsa to find five geocaches that I had noticed earlier

The place I was going to was an almost island on the lake called Appalachia Bay. Little did I know that it was a designated area for dirt bikes and All Terrain Vehicles.

The guy at the gate good naturedly said you better be careful these guys will run you over. So I said okay then. Cost me $5 to get access.

It was like a Mad Max movie. The vehicles going this way and that way and making a heck of a racket. I just stayed out of their way. You have to look real close at the photo above. There is some deer hidden in there. Just steps away from one of the trails. I don’t know how they stand it. I saw two other groups of deer during my outing. I guess they get used to the racket.

After I got used to the racket, I had a pretty good time. The woods were clear so I was able to bushwhack without too much difficulty. Many of the trails were deeply rutted and so I avoided those in case someone came over a hill or around a corner too fast. People were pretty good natured and courteous toward me.

There were five caches. The smileys are ones I found, the frownie is one I didn’t find, the green one I saw but it was up in a tree and I was not in a climbing mood.

Above is a video of one my finds.

And above in another one of my finds.

And my relive app video showing the route from the first cache to the others and then back to the parking lot.

I had a good time. I didn’t know that dirt bikes and ATVs had designated areas. My attitude was that I was in their territory so I watched out for myself. Not a place I would recommend for a peaceful hike. I’m told that it is actually quite nice during the week. If you like geocaches that you can hike to I strongly recommend this but don’t go on the weekend.

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13 thoughts on “Our World – Geocaching at Lake Keystone

  1. Cathy Keller

    It’s een a number of years since we’ve done geocaching. It was fun and challenging . Thank you for sharing and congratulations! Well done1

  2. Ellen

    I can’t stand even being on a trail with mountain bikes so dirt bikes and ATVs were be a definite no for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been run down coming around a corner. It does look beautiful though and five caches is good for a day.

  3. Fun60

    I enjoyed the videos. Sharing trails with off road bikers would not be for me but I can see the attraction of the geocaching.

  4. Nancy Chan

    Those vehicles will be too noisy for me and I pity the deer and other wild animals having to put up with the noise. At least there is a designated area for these vehicles where they will not be a danger to other hikers.

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