2021 Tulsa Auto Show

I’m vaccinated and the numbers in Oklahoma are down right now so I ventured to Tulsa’s Expo Square for the Tulsa Auto Show. It’s the first exhibition I have been to since this pandemic began.


They had lots of snazzy cars there. Here is the new Ford Bronco II. It looks great. It’s list price is $91,000 plus or minus or roughly three and half times what my car cost. So my question why anybody who can afford this would sleep in a tent on the roof? Maybe that’s you can afford after buying it?


I was intrigued by the high performance electric cars they had on display. They were all pushed to the side for some reason. I suspect that we are going to be seeing more and more high performance electric cars. Above is a Ford Mustang, the Ford Mustang Mach-E.


The Jaguar I-Pace All Electric SUV


The Porsche Taycan


The Volvo C40 Recharge


Jeep had a pre-production model of their Rubicon. Not for sale now but soon!!!


Here’s is a Rubicon with a Hemi Engine in it. Probably about the same cost as the Ford Bronco II.


They had some classic cars as well. I love this thing. I don’t want to own it, I just want to look at it.


And this gangster car.


My favorite was the General Motors Futurliner. GM had a caravan of ten of these that starting in the 30’s would go from town to town and set up shows of how wonderful the future was going to be. They quit doing it in the mid 50’s because people could see what the future was going to be by watching their televisions.


So the Futurliners were sold. Oral Roberts bought one to use as a traveling church in South America.


I love them.

So anyway, that’s the report from the Tulsa Auto Show. My only parting comment is that they promised they would enforce masking and spacing but they didn’t. You might want to keep that in mind if you want to see any other events at Expo Square. I wore my mask and kept my distance.

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16 thoughts on “2021 Tulsa Auto Show

  1. Amy Franks

    our vaccinations here are so slow, ironic as we are a very small country, normal people probably wont’ get them until mid-winter, I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Pat

    All beautiful cars but the price tags are getting to be so high! I think I’ll stick with my Subaru Forester

    I know electric cars are going to be very popular in the next decade, and I’m all for them. I heard they will have to add sound to the engine as electric runs silent.

  3. Fun60

    Good to hear you have been vaccinated. I have now had my second one so am ready to do a few more things now. The pfice of those cars is eye watering although they do look like top of the range models and not something I would be thinking about buying. I think eventually we will all be driving electric here or hybrid models but at the moment they are very expensive.

  4. Penelope Notes

    Nice to hear you are vaccinated but still being cautious because not everyone is so lucky. Oh, how pretty is that classic mellow-yellow tannish car? This little shiny convertible is one I would love to drive … but only in my dreams. 🙂

  5. Ellen

    That Futureliner is very cool. Reminds me of when the Weiner Mobile comes through the gate at Yellowstone every summer. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen though is fuselage from an old world war II airplane that was converted into an RV. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to get a photo.

  6. E. Thai

    It must be the season. A friend in Malaysia also posted cars that were made in China (probably at a car show) on Facebook.

    Great pictures! I too love the Futurliner. The future of the RV back then.

  7. Driller's Place

    Certainly electric seems to be the future, but I would be embarrassed to call a soccer mom crossover vehicle a Mustang. Love the older creations and the Futureliner is spectacular. I remember seeing one being restored on a tv show a couple of years ago. It was a major project.
    As the states begin to rescind the mask mandates you will find it harder for events to try to enforce something that the state no longer supports. They will simply have to state that masks are encouraged, but not required.
    Are going to the Meccum auction in June? I suspect that will be the event of the year in Tulsa.
    Have a blessed week.

  8. Gaelyn

    The Futurliner would make a fine RV with a few more windows, could even tow the Rubicon. But don’t suppose I could afford either. Fun to look, but not inside places where people disregard masks and distancing.

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