Backyard Critters

When the pandemic started last year and work and everything else shut down my family started spending lots of time in our backyard. It was great. Safe and secure from covid, or so we thought, we talked and noticed that as we get calm the backyards critters appeared. This year, things are a lot more hectic but Friday night we hung out in our back yard and the critters reappeared.


A male cardinal showed up. They are quite the Romeos, singing their love songs.


And a mockingbird. They imitate other birds.


A rabbit showed up and stayed quite a while. Looking around and giving itself a thorough grooming.


It was very flexible. I’ve taken lots of yoga classes this year cuz I think my flexibility might be my biggest issue as I get older. This rabbit doesn’t need to worry.


It groomed and groomed for over 30 minutes and we left it to its further grooming. That has to be the cleanest rabbit in Tulsa.


Heather made a new friend today. What we think is a house wren. We are not birders so if you have better information we welcome it.


When Heather goes outside, the wren shows up and sings to her.


For such a small bird, it makes a big sound. We are in love with this little critter.


And we have our everpresent squirrels. This guy froze on our back fence for five minutes before it left.

We love rediscovering that if we just go outside and be quiet for a few minutes then nature reappears.

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9 thoughts on “Backyard Critters

  1. Nancy Chan

    It is wonderful that when everything is shut down, the critters come to visit us. You are blessed with so many different types of cute critters visiting your back yard. I only have the common birds and some butterflies visiting my garden. I love to heard them singing their songs. Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Barb

    Isn’t it great to have wild things right outside your door? The Junco couple has arrived at our house. Bob and I stand quietly and watch them. We think maybe they’ll build a nest again in the wreath on our back deck. We hope!

  3. EileeninMD


    The House Wrens are busy and loud birds. They can sing all day. You have a nice variety of yard birds and critters. I love the bunny, Cardinal, Mockingbird and the cute Wren. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

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