First Skywatch of Summer 2021


Went for a walk at Lafortune Park here in Tulsa. I saw all these geese including some youngins’ coming out of the pond in a single file line. As I got closer they saw me and broke rank. I messed up the whole shot all by myself.

This was Fathers Day last Sunday with Heather, my wife. I am 66 years old this year so I am trying to get as many Route 66 icons in my posts as I can. This is Buck Atoms on Route 66 just east of downtown Tulsa. I had a blessed Fathers Day. Cards and gifts from Heather and son as well as from my MIL. Son had an online Spanish class test so he was tied up most of the day Sunday. I’m blessed and thankful to have him for my son. It’s been quite a summer with the intensive summer school plus working at Lowes Hardware quite a bit.


He’s a great kid even if dislikes geocaching. Shows how smart he is maybe.


This is four years ago at Orange Beach, Alabama, our favorite vacation spot. We didn’t get a vacation last year for obvious reasons. Maybe later this year.


I love cow pics. This is a bunch of Angus cattle at my wife’s cousin’s ranch in western Oklahoma. They look like they want to know what is going on. No, they didn’t really want to know. Cows don’t die of old age on a working cattle ranch if you get my drift.

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23 thoughts on “First Skywatch of Summer 2021

  1. Peter B.

    I’m a big fan of Route 66 and like all your photos. We have a big statue like that in Joshua Tree (nicknamed “Big Josh”). He’s not holding anything, but fun to see him every time I drive by. Orange Beach looks beautifully pink!

  2. Pat

    Nice photos, Yogi! I haven’t seen too much of Route 66 so I enjoy the vintage icons you find on it. Glad to hear that your son is doing so well with online studies and work. I hope you will be able to take a vacation this summer–thank goodness for the vaccine!

  3. MaryBeth Schwartz

    I did a blog about the Honkers at my pond—well I did last Saturday. I am a tad bit older but I think finding Route 66 memorabilia is a fun thing to do. Happy Birthday whenever.

  4. Ellen

    I hope you guys make it to the beach this summer! Logan is working at Lowe’s? His employee discount might come in handy if you ever need to purchase some lumber.

  5. jeshie2

    Orange beach here and the one you showed on Sky Watch are beautiful – and it definitely says: hot! Great you had a fun Fathers Day. I had to twist hubby’s arm to at least do a dinner (at a restaurant) and we chose Greek. It was a good choice:) Great pics of your family! I thought you were retired:)

  6. Angie

    Alan – I was just saying to my husband that we have to get together with you two sometime – I think we would get on like a house on fire! Thanks for explaining the obsession with Route 66 – not that you need a reason, mind you, but now it is extra special! I read the paragraph about the cows to my hubby and we both had a belly laugh. Reminiscent of the Don Henley lyric – She just looked at me, uncomprehendingly, like cows at a passing train. Belated Happy Father’s Day!

  7. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! I get a kick out of the get all the Route 66 pix done because you are 66. When I was a kid, my family and I took Highway 66 from Illinois to eventually, California. I betcha the highway looked a lot different than it does now. I’m even older than 66. LOL! What a fun goal! Your photograph of Orange Beach, Alabama is just gorgeous! I’ve never been to Alabama. It is on my “bucket list” now. Cows in Wisconsin are so friendly. They round up in circles then swipe the flies off each other. They walk in ponds provided for them to cool off, I guess. And they are soooo curious. I love their long eyelashes. Cows are adorable. I’m glad I am not a farmer. I would have a hard time taking them to the slaughter houses. Ugh!

  8. Alana

    One day I will get back to Route 66 – not this year, alas the way things are going pandemic-wise in certain areas of the country – alas. I liked the cattle picture, not just for the cattle, but the skies. It really set the mood.

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