Anne Hillerman’s “Stargazer”

Anne Hillerman's Stargazer - Book Cover

Stargazer is another detective novel by Anne Hillerman set on the Navajo Reservation. This one stars Bernadette Manuelito, a tribal policewoman, who gets involved in a murder case involving her old college roommate Maya and scientists doing research at the Very Large Array radio telescope (“That’s where Stargazer came from, get it.”) As in all the Hillerman books, Navajo tradition and the desert southwest are prominent in the story. Since Anne took over the series after her father Tony Hillerman died, she put more emphasis on the characters and the relationships between the characters. I kind of like that. Anne Hillerman has made the series her own.

I strongly recommend this book.

7 thoughts on “Anne Hillerman’s “Stargazer”

  1. sallie rainville

    Been there, read that, loved that!!! She (like her father before her) is one of the rare authors both Bill and I love! She is doing a great job. We visited the Large Array in NM on our travels, so that made it even better.

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