Our World – RiverParks Bike Ride

I hope everybody is recovered from the Fourth of July celebrations. Those of us who celebrate it anyway. It was low key for us. I put our flag up early. We grilled burgers at our house and took dinner over to the world’s great MIL’s house. We ate and visited and then went swimming. Had a pretty good time. We left just as her neighbor’s were working up their celebration. Remember the video we saw during the first gulf war when the US was attacking Baghdad and everybody in that town was shooting up in the air. That’s kind of what it was like.

We got home to much less of a ruckus. Tulsa doesn’t allow home fireworks, although it seems unenforced but it does tamp it down compared to Broken Arrow, where MIL lives where you can do what you want. I got home in time to launch the drone. I was going to be cute and say come back Thursday to see what I got but I’m giving it to you now.

Pretty decent sunset. So now the pressure is on I have to come up something decent for Skywatch Friday. So if you are a wise ass, you would tell me that I have never had anything decent before, why worry about it now. But I know you are not that kind of person. I am!! But you are not, I have faith in you. Don’t let me down.

So next morning I go on a bike ride. That’s what this whole post started out being about but I got sidetracked. I’m blaming you. Just fess up so we can move on cuz I am not taking the blame. I’ve told you before I’m in training to be a politician.

It was a nice day. Warm and dry for a change. Out west they are having hot and humid. Something is up. You and I both know what it is and it doesn’t involve cow farts. Anyway with all the rain we are having the Arkansas River is way up.

I rode the RiverParks trails up to the Neon Sign Park off southwest Boulevard. These are facsimile signs from actual businesses that used to operate on Route 66. This is where I remind you that I am 66 this year and so Route 66 is a big deal to me this year. And probably next year because I don’t know if a route 67 exists and even if it does it is probably too far to drive to get photographs. 67 is a prime number though and I just love prime numbers.

Across the River is Cyrus Avery Plaza. Avery is the guy who invented the concept of a cross country route from Chicago to Los Angeles. I love the plaza but the homeless folks drive me batty. They are not threatening just annoying. To be fair though if I was starving and had no place to live I would be more annoying than they are.

So all told about 14 miles which is just a warmup for most riders I know. You know it took me an hour and a half and that is about all I’m going to do. I had a good time though.

Went to the gym and showered put clean clothes on ( I love using the gym’s hot water and towels, especially for non-gym exercising) and got home just in time for Lizzy the yoga cat’s finishing up her Shavasana pose. She’s great at yoga, especially the cat and cow poses. She refuses to do up or down dog though.

Hey you want a hoot. We have two idiot dogs and I put on some dog youtube videos. Abby loves them. Barks her head off.

That’s it for now folks. I’m linking with Our World Tuesday

8 thoughts on “Our World – RiverParks Bike Ride

  1. Stewart M

    That looked like a longer ride than I would take in the heat!

    I think you cat has the right idea!

    Hope all is well – Stewart M – Melbourne

  2. Fun60

    Your excuses are getting better and better. Give yourself another 10 years and I reckon you could start a new career as a politician. Need to work on your sun tan though.

  3. Barb

    I like that fire going in summer – just like us! Nice 14 mile ride – glad the humidity is down. I’m begging you not to become a politician!

  4. Dixie

    Beautiful photos. What an amazing sunset. From were I am sitting the upper clouds look green!
    Your furry friends are simply wonderful.

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