Skywatch Friday – Summertime non-Blues Edition

We’ve had some pretty good skies up until just very recently when the smoke from the forest fires in the west showed up and grayed or pinked everything out.

The morning that I took these pics, the air was cool and fresh, a front was blowing through. We live for such summer mornings here in Tulsa.


A 5/8ths moon on a clear night a few days ago. Last night the moon was orange because of the haze.

Last weekend my wife and I visited some Parade of Homes houses. We love checking out the new styles. Here in Tulsa we are seeing a lot less brick and stacked rock on the outside and lots more stucco and squared off lines with dark trim. Times and styles change. I captured the above pic at a new subdivision. Pretty darn muddy.

This is a good place to get cleaned up. We like to look at the big expensive houses. It’s the only way we’ll get into one, legally. Wealthy people apparently like big bathrooms and I guess to save time they like to shower together. I hope they have a big water tank. Most likely they have a tankless water heater. We priced one as our old tank water heater has got some years on it and wow! They are expensive.

And here is a big tub with a built in diving platform. Careful!! The water is kind of shallow.

Here, you can belly flop off the vanity if you like. I like the frosted glass. This was a very light room. We see so many houses with big picture windows right over the tub. Kind of a waste. We have a big picture window over our tub. We installed blinds on that window and they have never been open. Nor will they be!! Ever!!

That’s enough foolishness for today I think. Everybody be safe out there! Oklahoma is now a top ten state in Covid cases per capita. We have only 40% of the population fully vaccinated. Fortunately the most vulnerable population, 65 and over, is about 80% vaccinated. Unfortunately ages 12 to 20 is only about 20% vaccinated. So we have a situation here. It’s frustrating because so many other countries do not have widespread access to a vaccine yet and so many people here disdain it. My wife and I, fully vaccinated, have started limiting again our exposure to indoor crowds and wear masks in indoor situations.

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26 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Summertime non-Blues Edition

  1. Ellen

    We have a big window over our bathtub too. A few years ago we had a frosted window installed there. It’s nice because the light can come through. Yeah, I’m afraid we’re headed back to wearing masks again. These people who refuse to get vaccinated infuriate me especially when it affects our brother’s visitation procedures.

  2. Pat

    Beautiful skies, Yogi! Ours have been hazy with an unhealthy combination of ozone and wildfire smoke the past few weeks. I am glad that we bought a powerful air purifier for our house a few months ago in anticipation of this as it has helped me breathe better and sleep better.

    I also like to look at new home construction model homes. They are often decorated so beautifully! The bathtubs you saw look nice and deep–I’d need steps to get in and out…lol!

    Supposedly Colorado has reached 70% vaccination rate in some areas…but there are also some areas where people call covid a “hoax” I’m afraid for them! Even though we are fully vaccinated we still wear a mask in indoor public places–just to be extra careful!

  3. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …I love the sun rays in the first image. Thanks for hosting, my friend!

  4. Emille

    Your landscape images are so sharp, Alan! Now I am away from California, it seems fires are far away from my mind! Hope they’ll be soon under control. By the way, in case I haven’t told you – changed my username from Jeshie to Emille – so you know – you know me:) Emille

  5. Barb

    The sky photos are wonderful. We have special in-window blinds on our bathroom window – we’ve never opened them! Frosted glass would be the way to go. The last 2 days, our air quality in Breckenridge has improved. I check it several times a day and try to get some fresh air into the house when possible. We’re having daily rain storms which help.

  6. Bill

    Love the sky photos you took. I don’t think we ever looked around house we could not afford though have looked at them on line. Found out what the linky problem is, it does not recognise Iphone photos that are not JPG

  7. DeniseinVA

    Beautiful skies and oh my gosh those bathrooms! The bath tubs don’t look that comfortable or is that just me? You all stay safe out there.

  8. Nancy Chan

    Beautiful skies. Very nice and spacious bathroom. We will be taking our 2nd jab next week. The cases here seem to be going up even as more people are being vaccinated. We are staying home as much as possible.

  9. Candace Uhlmeyer

    I’m always amazed that you get such good photos in a mostly urban environment. We’re going to travel west in our retro trailer in September and hope to start finding more things to take pictures of than sky-and-tree shots and suburban sunsets. But the pandemic response in both Oklahoma and Texas has discouraged us from going anywhere locally, and mostly we just hunker down and work around the house. Not much Skywatch Friday in that sort of behavior . . . I’m glad you’re staying safe, though.

  10. Gaelyn

    The skies are pretty despite the smoke. Fun to look but I would get lost in those huge houses. I like mine more the size of that bathroom with less to clean.

  11. MaryBeth Schwartz

    Hey take down the blinds. We have a large window next to the bathtub but then again nobody could see in unless they are dragging a ladder around with them. LOL
    Great moon shot and I like the clouds in the bright blue sky

  12. Alana

    Your descriptions of the expensive bathrooms in the new homes were hysterical. I suspect they will never be part of a real estate ad. To me, the final bathtub looked like an oversized drainage tub, the type that your basement washing machine drains into. And that floor, I think, for a senior, it could have a secondary use as an indoor ice skating rink (no ice skates needed) – it just looks major league slippery to me. So, really, this is how the 1% lives? Count me out. But, on a serious note, here in the Northeast, the air quality was poor Tuesday – my brother in law and sister in law both have asthma but they weathered it OK. I got even more frightened thinking of the people living less than 2,000 miles from those fires. Sobering.

  13. Angie

    Alan – as always, your post made me chuckle – “it’s the only way we will get into an expensive house, legally.” Brilliant! We have been plagued with smoke off and on for over a week – all depends on the direction of the wind. The COVID situation is so concerning, and the frustrating thing is it could be prevented!

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