“Later” by Stephen King

Book Cover for "Later" by Stephen King

“Later” is one of Stephen King’s old school thriller, horror, books kind of based on cheap paperbacks. King can spin a yarn better than anybody in my opinion. We start out with kind of cute little boy who has this thing where he can talk with the recently dead.

So it starts out kind of cute and fluffy and as the novel progresses, the cute becomes less, and things get strange and then they get scary and all the sudden the novel hangs a hard left and sprouts knives, axes, teeth, and chainsaws and I swear it turns again right back at the reader. All before we know what is happening.

And after the story’s climax, King drops something else on us. Not a horror, but something else, just as horrible.

I finished it with like, what just happened here?

I strongly recommend this book. I got my copy at the library.

3 thoughts on ““Later” by Stephen King

  1. Vicki

    I used to read everything he wrote and watch every movie made from his books and then just stopped. I’ve only read five books by him in the last few years and have only watched a few of his movies . I did the same thing with Danielle Steel, but I started reading her again this year.

    I might get a copy of Later, later 🙂

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