Skywatch Friday – Running Through the Woods

I went on a recently on Turkey Mountain. It was morning but it was hot but the trails were shady.

I was also looking for a geocache. I thought it was below the above ledge so I climbed down below and nope, there is another ledge further down and I needed to get below that. It was too hot and sticky so, as we say in the energy biz, I temporarily abandoned that project for a day when I feel better. Getting down ledges is easy, getting back up is sometimes harder. Further south there is a trail I could descent to and walk out. So I’ll finish this on another day.

It was still morning as I made my way back and the morning sun was making the leaves glow green. It kind of reminded me of a stained glass window except it was bright green. It has been wet this summer and the leaves and grass still have that fresh green look to them.

Went by Wagon Wheel Lake and it was full and overflowing. I have seen it dry as a bone by this time some years.

Sky to the south one afternoon.

I’m still flying my drone. I am kind of boring. I send it straight up and rotate it. I don’t want to fly it over anybody’s property but mine. Most of the time I go to 50 meters. Doesn’t seem very high but I can hardly see it at that height. You don’t get much better views higher than that and I can maintain control of the aircraft. I went up to 75 meters and suddenly the controller said it had lost contact and was going to try and land the drone automatically. That was kind of panicy but the drone came on down and reestablished contact so I kept it up in the air.

Sky to the northwest another day.

So I am not too adventurous it. It costs too much money. I know guys who fly their across rivers and subdivisions and all that. Not me I am not flying it anywhere I can’t walk to it, legally. Plus if it fell it could hurt somebody and I would feel terrible. It is tiny, only 249 grams in weight but something like that falling from 100 feet would give somebody a headache or worse.

I am amazed by the device. It is a technological marvel. It can fly for thirty minutes, it takes great photos, and stays rock solid when you stop it due to its built in GPS. If I can fly it, anybody can.

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21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Running Through the Woods

  1. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …I’m in the woods in the Adirondack Mountains and the internet is slow. Glad that I was able to link, thanks for hosting.

  2. Peter B.

    Looks like a beautiful running trail, and gorgeous skies. It takes a smart person to know when to temporarily abandon a project!

  3. Angie

    Alan – my hubby has been investigating drones – where we live, we could fly it many places and not worry about interfering with the privacy of others. The opportunity to see wildlife from another vantage point (without disturbing them) is very attractive. Maybe when we get into fall, and fly fishing is consuming less of his time, he will have time to make his purchase! Lovely photos!

  4. Nancy Chan

    Great view from your run. Beautiful pictures taken by your drone. The last picture looks like the sky is opened for the light to shine down from heaven.

  5. Carol

    I appreciate your caution in using your drone. Someday they will be countless drones flying over us. Love ly photos to day as always. Stay well.

  6. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! My favorite photograph is the last one taken by the drone. Wowza! Glad you are a cautious person about usage of the drone and climbing up and down ledges. When a choice is made then one has to face the consequences. Take care. Thanks for being the host.

  7. Alana

    Your pictures really did have that fresh spring look; I never would have gotten “hot” out of them. Enjoyed them all, especially the reflection in the lake. I’m hesitating to get a drone, too, for much the same reason you limit how you use it – too many houses around me. I wouldn’t want to see a drone buzzing my neighborhood – I like the privacy of my back yard too much, as much as I love pictures taken by them.

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