Thirty Second Anniversary Skywatch

Wednesday morning, Heather and I, left the house at around 5 am, already prepacked the night before and headed for the Gulf of Mexico.

We were ready, it has been two years since we had a vacation and its our thirty second anniversary. So off we went childless. Son Logan is at college.

So we are staying about a week or so. If you are thinking about robbing our house know that we have a full time house sitter and they are kind of mean and ornery but they take good care of the dogs.

So we got there in about 13 hours stopping only for restroom breaks and gasoline. We unloaded our stuff, got dinner, and sat out on the balcony for a while.

First thing on the agenda was a three mile out and back walk to lifeguard station number one. Then reading on the beach, lunch and cocktails.

A good time is being had by all. I’m linking with Skywatch Friday but I may not return all comments right away.

16 thoughts on “Thirty Second Anniversary Skywatch

  1. Alana

    Happy anniversary and time on the beach. Enjoy your childless vacation. Well deserved! May you have all good sunrises and sunsets. Now all I need to do is find a good and ornery housesitter.

  2. Angie

    Alan – so happy for you both to get a vacation. And it looks like a lovely spot to have cocktails! Thanks for the note about robbing your house – I was thinking about it, but now you have put me off! Happy Anniversary!


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