Our World – Bike Riding on the River Trails


I went on a bike ride on Tulsa’s RiverParks Trails last week. It was mid 90’s temperature with heat index at about 105. So I kind of took it easy and stopped a few times in my 16 miles to drink water. I had my GoPro knockoff camera on the handlebars set to take a photo every ten seconds. So I get hundreds of photos and I only save a few. I get passed a lot when I ride. You can tell this dude is passing me because he’s on my left.


I passed this guy several times. I’d pass him and I’d stop for a water break and then I take off and pass him again. You can tell that I’m passing him because he is on my right.


And then here is another person. At least he is not coming at me head on. That is what a really old guy did to me last year about this time. Veered right into me. I’m glad that I didn’t have my camera on the bike then except I still remember all the details except thinking at first I was going to evade him and then he turned further into me while he was screaming. I was glad I had my helmet on because my head hit the pavement. I’m all good now except I am extra special vigilant when riders come my way.


Another couple of innocent bystanders. I wish more people would wear helmets.


And a walker

Couldn’t do the loop because part of the trail is closed due to new bridge construction. It’ll be open again in a couple years.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend. I have pre-prepared the next two Skywatch Friday posts. We are heading off on vacation and we are supposed to have internet connectivity but didn’t want to hang everybody out to dry just in case it didn’t work. This post, I am linking with Our World Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Our World – Bike Riding on the River Trails

  1. Vicki

    Too hot for me to be riding a bike, unless I was at one of the trails that are shaded. I remember when you got hit, glad there was none of that this ride!

  2. Amy Franks

    I can’t figure out why he was turning into you, maybe him screaming was the speed he was going? Not sure…but the temperature sounds like what we would call scorching.

  3. Fun60

    16 miles sounds a long way in that heat. After a nasty accident like yours I would be nervous about getting on a bike again. You have my admiration for taking to the saddle once again.

  4. DeniseinVA

    Oh my gosh, so glad you were not hurt last year, and yes thank goodness for you wearing your helmet. Our son went over his handlebars full tilt several years ago and fractured both wrists. We were very thankful he was wearing his helmet. The thought still gives me cold shivers. Safe and happy trails to you.

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