Our World – the Mysteries on Turkey Mountain

Things have really been busy lately.

Someone close to us got covid and by some miracle, they got right into the emergency room of the leading hospital in Tulsa. They got some great care and will be returning to their home soon. Please be careful folks.

I went for a weekday hike on Turkey Mountain a couple weeks ago. I had the place to myself. I saw two other people in my hour and half and three plus miles. You come on a weekend there are a lot more (unless you know where to go where nobody else is.)

I started down the new trail and then veered off on a small leafy trail paralleling the new one.

I veered back to the new trail to check out this cutout of bigfoot. There is quite a bigfoot culture in Oklahoma!!

I left the new trail and headed west. I came upon a bunch of old cans and rusted pots on the ground and I noticed this pipe hung up in the tree.

It has been there so long that one end is embedded in a tree. It looks to me like a really old camp site. Turkey Mountain has been populated by Native Americans, farmers, ranchers, railway men, oilwell drillers, and supposedly moonshiners and more lately meth labs. Who knows the vintage of this camp!?

A littel further west I came to Pepsi Lake. What are called ponds elsewhere in the world are lakes on Turkey Mountain. Don’t ask me why. Don’t ask me why these Pepsi truck bodies are perched on the Pepsi Lake Dam. The Pepsi
Bottling Company is nearby so there might be some sort of connection. So people tell things like that Pepsi put the bodies up there to protect the dam. They don’t know that, they are just guessing. How would that protect a dam anyway.

It does provide shelter for homeless people (not for very long, it is a long walk to civilization from Pepsi Lake. You can tell people have had parties of very sorts at the site.

And there is some decent tagging there. Please though, take your graffiti elsewhere.

It’s a mystery that I haven’t figured out yet.

Another mystery is this thing on the west side of the mountain. Not too many people know about it but I’ve been told it is an old moonshiners camp other people have said outlaws hung out here.

A friend of mine piped up and said he knows an old timer that lives close to the mountain who knew all about it. He said that it’s an old hunting camp. Wow, that’s boring. I’m sticking with old moonshiner’s camp! Who’s with me?

Turkey Mountain Hike Strava Map

So here is a little map of my travels. I started down at the bottom and went counterclockwise. Like I said I didn’t see hardly anybody. Being retired is fun, going at off times.

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9 thoughts on “Our World – the Mysteries on Turkey Mountain

  1. Penelope Notes

    Haha … that’s quite a journey. I’m going with meth lab after binge watching “Breaking Bad” which is not the faint of heart. Surprised I got through it. 🙂

  2. Barb

    You made lots of unusual discoveries on your Turkey Mountain hike. Sometimes, when I come upon these kinds of relics in the woods and I’m alone, they give me a little chill. I don’t know anyone personally who’s gotten Omicron, but our county was awash in it.

  3. Gaelyn

    Glad to see some trail education going on. Sad you can’t find more history. Didn’t know Bigfoot was in OK. Am familiar with relatives in WA.

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